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Wed, Sep 6, 2023 8:45 PM

West Africa Food Festival Celebrates Culinary Traditions and Flavours

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West Africa Food Festival Celebrates Culinary Traditions and Flavours
The fifth edition of the West Africa Food Festival (WAFFEST) recently took place in Lagos, Nigeria, bringing together over 500 chefs and food industry professionals from across the region. With the theme of "Preserving West African Flavours: The Chef's Roles in Sustainable Food Tourism," the event showcased the diverse culinary traditions, flavours, and innovations of West Africa. Nestlé Professional, along with other sponsors, supported the festival, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and culinary excellence in the industry.

Lagos, Nigeria, played host to this year's West Africa Food Festival (WAFFEST), marking its fifth edition as a culinary extravaganza celebrating the rich and diverse flavours of West Africa. The event witnessed the participation of over 500 chefs and food industry professionals from across the region, who gathered to showcase their culinary talents, explore the region's food culture, and commemorate its culinary traditions.

The theme of this year's WAFFEST was "Preserving West African Flavours: The Chef's Roles in Sustainable Food Tourism," which underscored the significance of culinary expertise and innovation in promoting the region's cuisine and enhancing food tourism. The Association of Professional Chefs Nigeria, who hosted the festival, aimed to highlight the deep-rooted culinary traditions and the evolving flavours of West Africa.

Nestlé Professional, a leading brand in the food industry, was one of the sponsors of WAFFEST 2023. Mrs. Funmi Osineye, the Head of Nestlé Professional Business in Nigeria, expressed her excitement and support for the event. "We are delighted to collaborate with food enthusiasts and professionals who are transforming the business of food across the region," she stated. Nestlé's involvement demonstrated their commitment to igniting a passion for culinary excellence and preserving the diverse culinary traditions and flavours of West Africa.

Paulinus Okon, the President of the Association of Professional Chefs, emphasized the objective of WAFFEST, which is to celebrate and promote the culinary flavours, sights, and sounds of West Africa. He also highlighted the importance of passing down culinary knowledge from experienced chefs to aspiring ones, as a testament to the region's cultural heritage. Chef Okon praised the "Mentor-Mentee Challenge," a competition created by Nigerian chefs during the Association's National Summit in 2021, which promotes skill development and professional growth among chefs.

Chef Anedo Miracle, the winner of the 2023 WAFFEST Mentor-Mentee challenge, shared her experience as a new entrant in the culinary industry. She acknowledged the significance of mentorship in her success and expressed her desire to become a mentor herself in the future, passing on her culinary skills to junior chefs.

The West Africa Food Festival featured various activities, including cooking demonstrations, workshops, tasting sessions, competitions, awards, food displays, exhibitions of indigenous recipes, masterclasses, and mentoring classes. These events provided a platform for culinary experts to exchange ideas, share best practices, showcase their skills, and network with other professionals. Representatives from Chefs' Associations across 19 member countries, including Benin Republic, Togo, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Mali, Senegal, Gambia, and Burkina Faso, also participated in the festival, further enriching the cultural exchange and promoting culinary diplomacy.

WAFFEST 2023 has contributed to the promotion of food tourism in West Africa by celebrating the region's unique culinary heritage and flavours. It has created opportunities for collaboration, skill development, and knowledge transfer, ensuring the growth and sustainability of the food industry in the sub-region. Nestlé Professional and other sponsors have played a key role in supporting the event, showcasing their commitment to culinary excellence and nourishing the vibrant culinary landscape of West Africa.

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