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Wed, Aug 9, 2023 11:25 AM

Boiling Point Arena to Feature Discussion on Nigeria's Federalism and System of Government

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Boiling Point Arena to Feature Discussion on Nigeria's Federalism and System of Government
The Boiling Point Arena, a popular monthly online discourse on governance and national development, will host Dr Yemi Farounbi and Prof. Olutayo Adesina as they delve into the topic of Nigeria's federalism and the need to rethink the system of government. The event will be held on August 13, 2023, and will be broadcast live by Sweet 107.1FM. The discussion aims to address the foundational identity crisis of Nigeria and explore potential solutions for the country's progress.

Lagos, Nigeria - The highly anticipated Boiling Point Arena, a renowned monthly online platform for discussions on governance and national development, is set to host two prominent Nigerian nationalists and patriots, Dr Yemi Farounbi and Prof. Olutayo Adesina, as they dissect the theme "Travails of Nigeria's Federalism and the Imperative of Rethinking our System of Government."

The 10th edition of the Boiling Point Arena, scheduled for Sunday, August 13, 2023, will take place online via Google Meet. In an effort to maximize reach, the event will be broadcast live by Sweet 107.1FM, an Abeokuta-based radio station, from 8 pm to 10 pm.

Dr Yemi Farounbi, a distinguished media icon and former Nigerian Ambassador to the Philippines and the Kingdom of Cambodia, will be joined by Prof. Olutayo Adesina, a renowned historian and scholar from the University of Ibadan. These two eminent individuals will offer their insightful perspectives on the subject matter.

The Boiling Point Arena, a monthly current affairs program, has garnered an extensive online following, thanks to its thought-provoking discussions. It was conceived by Mr. Ayo Arowojolu, a media professional with an impressive career spanning the media, banking, and education sectors, who serves as the Initiator and Convener.

Mr. Eddy Ademosu, the Chairman of the Organizing Committee, highlighted the primary focus of the discourse: to revisit Nigeria's foundational identity crisis, the various systems of government that have brought the country to the precipice, and to propose viable solutions to rescue the nation.

The conversation between Dr Yemi Farounbi and Prof. Olutayo Adesina will explore different options, such as reverting to the old Parliamentary System or maintaining the current American-styled democracy, or perhaps formulating a distinctive Nigerian system of government to address the pressing challenges faced by the country.

The debate is expected to encompass contentious issues, including the expensive bicameral legislature and the bloated cost of governance, among others.

Mr. Ademosu commended Sweet FM for their collaboration, acknowledging their commitment to significant causes and their role in expanding the reach of the Boiling Point platform through their traditional and online channels.

The Boiling Point platform comprises a diverse array of influential personalities, including more than 200 professors, technocrats, industry leaders, high court justices, traditional rulers, security officials, media professionals, and others.

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