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Sun, Sep 3, 2023 8:05 AM

Abia State Chairman of the Labour Party Urges Patience and Support for Governor Alex Otti's Administration

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Abia State Chairman of the Labour Party Urges Patience and Support for Governor Alex Otti's Administration
The Abia State Chairman of the Labour Party (LP), Chief Ceekay Igara, calls on Abians to be patient with the new administration of Governor Alex Otti. He acknowledges the enormity of the corruption and rot within the government system and believes that the governor needs time to rectify the situation. Igara assures the people that the LP is working in unity with the governor and emphasizes the party's commitment to their social contract with the citizens of Abia State.

Abia State, like many other states in Nigeria, has been plagued by corruption and mismanagement of resources. The new administration led by Governor Alex Otti took office on May 29, and since then, they have been working tirelessly to uncover and rectify the deep-rooted issues within the government system.

The Chairman of the Labour Party (LP) in Abia State, Chief Ceekay Igara, emphasizes the need for patience and support from the citizens. He explains that the LP made a conscious decision to give the governor a few months to fully assess the extent of the problems before inundating him with party-related issues.

Chief Igara commends Governor Otti for his efforts thus far, considering the challenging circumstances. He acknowledges that it is necessary to take stringent measures to put the state back on the right track and highlights the importance of a change in mentality, perception, attitude, and activity.

The opposition parties' attacks on the governor are seen as a natural response, and Chief Igara believes that embracing positive change requires a shift in mindset. He assures the people that the LP is united with the governor and fully supports his actions.

Addressing the accusations that Governor Otti has not given appointments to LP members or carried the party along, Chief Igara clarifies that some decisions, like the appointment of personal aides, are solely the governor's prerogative. However, he points out that LP members have indeed received appointments, citing the Commissioner for Transport, who is from the LP, as an example.

Regarding the State Assembly and the accusation that the governor is teleguiding the Speaker, Chief Emma Emeruwa, Chief Igara explains that the LP worked in conjunction with other parties to form a coalition with the majority in the House. He clarifies that the Majority Leader position was appointed based on this coalition's understanding and reiterates that the governor does not dictate the party's decisions.

There have been challenges within the State Assembly, including the suspension of a lawmaker. Chief Igara defends the suspension as a means to restore order and prevent disruptions to the House's proceedings.

When questioned about Governor Otti's direction for Abia State, Chief Igara emphasizes that it is too early to judge certain decisions. He believes that the governor is working towards destabilizing the deeply entrenched system of corruption and that his actions need more time to yield results.

Regarding the criticism of the governor's choice of roads for reconstruction in Aba, Chief Igara explains that some roads have already been awarded contracts by the previous administration. However, he assures the people that the governor's focus on Aba is temporary, as many other issues need to be addressed across the state.

In conclusion, Chief Igara reiterates the LP's commitment to the welfare of the people of Abia State. He assures the citizens that their social contract with the LP includes providing social amenities, infrastructure development, healthcare, education, and overall improvement in their quality of life.

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