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Fri, Sep 1, 2023 10:15 PM

Niger State Declares Public Holiday for Palliative Distribution

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Niger State Declares Public Holiday for Palliative Distribution
Niger State Governor, Mohammed Umar Bago, has declared a public holiday for the distribution of palliatives in the state. The move is aimed at cushioning the effect of the fuel subsidy removal. The governor has vowed to take strict actions against anyone caught diverting palliatives or the funds meant for distribution. The state government has received cash palliatives and rice from the federal government, with more expected. The distribution will be done at the polling units and ward level.

Niger State Governor, Mohammed Umar Bago, has made a significant announcement in a bid to alleviate the impact of the fuel subsidy removal. The governor has declared the 6th Wednesday to the 8th Friday of September as a public holiday across the state. The purpose of this public holiday is to facilitate the distribution of palliatives to the citizens of Niger State.

The Governor, in a press conference held at the Government House in Minna, stated firmly that anyone found diverting palliatives or misusing the funds allocated for distribution will face legal consequences. The distribution of the palliatives will be carried out at the polling units and ward level, ensuring that the assistance reaches those most in need.

The stated goal of this initiative is to provide immediate relief to the residents of Niger State who have been affected by the fuel subsidy removal. In line with this objective, the state government has already received N3 billion in cash palliatives and five trucks of rice from the federal government.

While N2 billion and 40,000 bags of maize are still awaited, the government plans to augment N230 billion to the N5 billion allocated by the federal government. This comprehensive approach aims to ensure that every citizen has access to the aid they require.

The distribution of the funds would prioritize different areas and institutions. Each ward in the 21 local government areas will receive N10 million, while specific local government areas such as Bida, Suleja, Kontagora, and Chachanga will receive N20 million apiece. N80 million has been allotted to traditional institutions to prevent any interference with the distribution process. Additionally, N75 million has been earmarked for internally displaced persons (IDPs) and N150 million has been allocated to political parties to ensure impartiality. A further N110 million has been designated for logistics and security purposes.

The governor emphasized that the importance of transparency and accountability in this process cannot be understated. Therefore, the funds will be distributed directly to local government accounts on Monday, giving everyone the opportunity to participate at the ward and local government level. The governor also stressed that the funds should be utilized to buy essential items such as yam or beans rather than rice, ensuring that cultural and dietary preferences are taken into account.

With the aim of spreading the benefits of the palliatives to as many people as possible, the decision was made not to decentralize the distribution process. This centralized approach ensures a fair and even distribution across the state.

This initiative follows President Bola Tinubu's announcement of N5 billion palliatives for each state in the country to mitigate the impact of the fuel subsidy removal on Nigerian citizens. However, due to inflation concerns, the federal government has released N2 billion instead of the full allocation.

In conclusion, the declaration of a public holiday in Niger State for the distribution of palliatives is a significant step toward easing the challenges faced by the residents due to the fuel subsidy removal. The state government, with the support of the federal government, is committed to ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the distribution process, while prioritizing the needs of its citizens.

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