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Fri, Sep 8, 2023 8:55 PM

Nigeria Customs Service Vows to Tackle Under-Declaration of Goods

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Nigeria Customs Service Vows to Tackle Under-Declaration of Goods
The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) has embarked on a mission to address the issue of faulty documentation and under-declaration of goods by importers. Through continued engagement with stakeholders, the customs aims to educate and enforce proper customs procedures to ensure transparency and maximize revenue for the country.

The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) has taken a strong stance against the recurrent issue of under-declaration of goods and faulty documentation by importers. The Customs Comptroller of Port Harcourt Area 1 Command, Mr Chedi Wada, addressed this matter during the second stakeholders' sensitization and workshop held for licensed customs agents in Port Harcourt.

Wada made it clear that the customs would not tolerate ignorance as an excuse for faulty documentation or under-declaration of goods at the ports. He encouraged consignees to take advantage of routine training sessions conducted by the customs to familiarize themselves with customs procedures and avoid breaches.

The first sensitization workshop conducted earlier this year had proved beneficial by significantly reducing documentation-related mistakes made by consignees. The Customs Comptroller emphasized the importance of forums like these, as they offered an opportunity to discuss issues concerning clearing and forwarding of goods.

During the workshop, consignees not only had the chance to voice their complaints but also received possible solutions from the customs officials. The aim was to ensure a productive and transparent collaboration between customs agents and the Nigeria Customs Service.

As part of the workshop, Chief Superintendent of Customs, Mr Babani Gambo, delivered a lecture on "Enhancing Trade Integrity: A comprehensive understanding of customs declaration to counter abuse." His lecture educated participants on the correct customs procedures and shed light on commonly abused declaration factors such as the Customs Procedure Code (CPC), false declaration, and undervaluation, which ultimately lead to revenue loss for the country.

The customs agents in attendance commended the Nigeria Customs Service for organizing such events, acknowledging the transfer of knowledge it provided. They also called for increased cooperation to further enhance the ease of doing business and promote profitability.

In addition to discussing customs procedures, the agents highlighted the poor state of the East-West Road and Aba/Port Harcourt Road. These dilapidated roads adversely affect the transportation of goods, impeding business growth at the Eastern ports. The clearing agents urged the Federal Government to step up efforts to rehabilitate these roads, emphasizing the crucial role they play in fostering trade.

The Nigeria Customs Service's commitment to tackling under-declaration of goods and faulty documentation is commendable. By engaging stakeholders, educating consignees, and enforcing proper customs procedures, the customs aims to ensure transparency and maximize revenue for the country.

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