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Thu, Jul 27, 2023 12:25 AM

Federal Capital Territory Administration Demolishes 5,000 Shanties in Abuja

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Federal Capital Territory Administration Demolishes 5,000 Shanties in Abuja
The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) has embarked on a massive demolition exercise in Gishiri village, Abuja, to combat the abuse of the Abuja Master Plan. Over 5,000 shanties and other unlawful structures have been razed in the ongoing enforcement operation. The FCTA aims to reclaim the plots for their legal allottees and preserve the designated recreational areas.

ABUJA - The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) is taking strict measures to address the rampant abuse of the Abuja Master Plan. As part of its efforts, the FCTA has demolished at least 5,000 shanties and other unlawful developments in the Gishiri village extension area of Katampe District.

Unauthorized structures encroaching upon green spaces and temporary buildings erected along local traffic corridors have also been brought down. These demolitions serve as a stern reminder that the FCTA is committed to restoring the Abuja Master Plan.

Speaking on Wednesday in Abuja, Samson Atureta, the Development Control Department's District Monitor for Katampe and Mabushi, emphasized that the enforcement team has followed due procedure and obtained the necessary approvals for the removal of these encroachments.

The ongoing removal exercises in the densely populated Gishiri settlement are part of the FCTA's efforts to reclaim the plots for their legal allottees. Over time, some individuals have been unlawfully dividing and selling portions of the plots as local land, resulting in the proliferation of illegal developments.

"Those are the houses we have continued to remove today so that the rightful allottees can take over their plots. You can see that new perimeter fences are being erected by the rightful allottees," Atureta explained.

He further added, "We needed to follow due procedures, and that's why we are here after we got approval to remove the encroachments. We are about 60-70% through the removal of the illegalities there. Since we started, we must have removed at least 5,000 shanties or illegal developments in Gishiri."

Moreover, the FCTA has identified additional encroachments on a green space near the foot of the Katampe hill, which had been designated for the development of a multipurpose recreational area. The removal of these unauthorized structures and the reclamation of this land will ensure that the recreational area can be utilized as intended.

Atureta affirmed that the FCTA is reaching out to the rightful owners of the encroached plots when contact information is available. In some cases, individuals had submitted their building plans for approval but couldn't proceed due to indigenous persons claiming the area.

The FCT Development Control Department, backed by a joint team of security personnel, executed the demolition operation with precision. Only structures with legal approval for development were left untouched on the allocated plots.

The FCTA's action sends a clear message that the abuse of the Abuja Master Plan will not be tolerated. By demolishing these shanties and illegal developments, the FCTA is working to maintain the sanctity of the planned city, preserve green spaces, and provide a serene environment for residents.

It is evident that the FCTA, through its ongoing enforcement efforts, hopes to restore the original intent and purpose of the Abuja Master Plan. However, the complete eradication of illegal structures and encroachments remains an ongoing challenge that necessitates continued vigilance and action from all stakeholders.

Abuja, as the nation's capital, serves as a symbol of Nigeria's development and progress. By upholding the Abuja Master Plan, the FCTA reinforces its commitment to creating a city that meets the needs of its residents while ensuring sustainable growth and development.

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