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Sat, Jul 29, 2023 8:15 PM

Senate President Godswill Akpabio Clarifies "Let the Poor Breathe" Remark

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Senate President Godswill Akpabio Clarifies "Let the Poor Breathe" Remark
Senate President Godswill Akpabio has responded to criticism over his "let the poor breathe" joke made during a plenary session. He clarified that the remark was made to reject any plan of increasing electricity tariffs for Nigerians, considering the ongoing economic challenges faced by the country.

The President of the Nigerian Senate, Godswill Akpabio, has addressed the criticism he received for his remark, "let the poor breathe," made during a plenary session on July 25. Akpabio stated that the comment was a resolute rejection of any proposal to increase electricity tariffs in light of the current economic situation in Nigeria.

A press release from the Senate President's office, issued on July 28, provided further clarifications on his statement. The release highlighted Akpabio's deep concern about the economic challenges faced by ordinary Nigerians and affirmed that the remark was not meant to trivialize their difficulties.

According to the press statement, the "let the poor breathe" comment was made by Senator Akintunde Abiodun while speaking on the motion to halt the planned electricity tariff hike. Akpabio emphasized that the Senate remains committed to addressing the plight of Nigerians and that their concerns are taken seriously by himself and his colleagues.

"We want to assure the general public that all matters discussed during Senate sessions are of utmost importance and are treated with great seriousness by the President of the Senate and his Distinguished colleagues," Akpabio stated.

He further emphasized that the intention behind the remark was solely to express solidarity with ordinary Nigerians who are grappling with the economic challenges prevailing in the country. Akpabio asserted that their hardships, suffering, and economic struggles are not being taken lightly.

In recent times, Nigeria has faced significant economic difficulties, including soaring inflation rates, unemployment, and power supply challenges. These issues have burdened the masses, particularly the poor, who find it increasingly difficult to make ends meet.

The clarification provided by the Senate President seeks to dispel any misinterpretation of his comments and reaffirm the commitment of the Senate to address the challenges faced by Nigerians in a sincere and empathetic manner.

It is crucial that the government recognizes the impact of its policies on the well-being of the citizens. The affordability of essential services, such as electricity, is vital to the survival and progress of the populace. By rejecting the proposed electricity tariff increase, the Senate aims to alleviate the financial burden on Nigerians, particularly those already bearing the brunt of the challenging economic conditions.

Nigerians eagerly await tangible actions that reflect the concerns expressed by the Senate President and his colleagues. The ability to access affordable electricity is not just a matter of comfort but a fundamental necessity that impacts the livelihoods and productivity of the nation.

As the Senate continues its deliberations on measures to improve the economic situation of Nigeria, it is expected that policies aligned with the welfare of the people will be prioritized.

The plight of the average Nigerian should never be trivialized, and it is commendable that the Parliament is actively addressing their concerns. Initiatives that foster economic growth, job creation, and poverty alleviation should remain at the forefront of the government's agenda. The challenges faced by the poor and vulnerable must be recognized and adequately addressed to ensure inclusive and sustainable development.

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