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Thu, Aug 10, 2023 9:25 PM

Vehicle Owners Association of Nigeria Vows to Ensure Transportation Community Benefits from Palliatives

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Vehicle Owners Association of Nigeria Vows to Ensure Transportation Community Benefits from Palliatives
The Vehicle Owners Association of Nigeria (VOAN) has pledged to oversee the distribution of palliatives to the transportation community, as announced by President Ahmed Bola Tinubu. The group insists that anyone seeking to benefit from the palliatives must obtain clearance from VOAN to ensure the genuineness and viability of their intentions. This move aims to monitor proper usage and prevent any misuse of the palliatives. Additionally, the association intends to employ group pressure to recover any defaulted automobile loans, thus safeguarding the sustainability of the government's scheme.

ABUJA - The Vehicle Owners Association of Nigeria (VOAN) has vehemently asserted its commitment to ensuring the transportation community takes full advantage of the significant palliatives President Ahmed Bola Tinubu plans to implement, aiming to mitigate the impact of fuel subsidy removal.

Under their proposed system, VOAN demands that anyone wishing to avail themselves of the transportation palliatives must first obtain a letter of clearance from the association. This requirement intends to facilitate due diligence and background checks to verify the legitimacy, viability, and capacity of individuals or corporate bodies to effectively manage the vehicles or loan facilities, ultimately serving the best interests of Nigerians.

The implementation of this stringent clearing process will also grant VOAN the opportunity to closely monitor the utilization of the palliatives and promptly report any potential abuses. By adopting group pressure measures, VOAN hopes to recover any automobile loans in case of defaults, effectively protecting the government's scheme while ensuring its longevity.

"The Vehicle Owners Association of Nigeria (VOAN) serves as the umbrella organization uniting all vehicle owners in Nigeria, encompassing both public and private sectors. Registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria and inaugurated by the former Senate President, Late Senator Joseph Wayas in December 2015, VOAN actively strives towards enhancing Nigeria's transportation system, promoting vehicle owners' welfare, facilitating easier vehicle ownership, and fostering a safe motoring culture," said Peacemaker Vincent Odo Okoko, National President, and Makinde V. Olawole, Secretary-General.

Comprising over 20 million members, VOAN holds the distinctive position of the highest organization within the automobile and transportation industry in Nigeria. As the most diverse, mass-based, and mass-financed body in Nigeria, VOAN remains steadfast in its mission to bring about effective and efficient transportation solutions, alongside ensuring the well-being of vehicle owners across the country.

This latest decision by VOAN to monitor and regulate the distribution of President Tinubu's palliatives showcases their unwavering support for the government's attempts to alleviate the burden of fuel subsidy removal. By instituting a robust clearance process, VOAN seeks to safeguard the authenticity of beneficiaries, foster responsible utilization of the palliatives, and prevent any potential misuse. Through their proactive measures, the association aims to uphold the sustainability and long-term positive effects of the government's initiatives in the transportation sector.

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