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Mon, Sep 11, 2023 1:15 PM

Anambra Governor Vows to Transform Awka into a Befitting Capital City

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Anambra Governor Vows to Transform Awka into a Befitting Capital City
The Governor of Anambra State, Prof. Charles Soludo, has unveiled plans to demolish properties in Awka to create a capital city that will make the people proud. He promises to ensure sustainable development and urges the youth to embrace the ongoing skills program.

The Anambra State governor, Prof. Charles Soludo, has announced his administration's commitment to transforming Awka, the state capital, into a befitting city that reflects the aspirations and dreams of the people.

This declaration came during the monthly Solution Walk For Healthy Living held at the Anambra State Stadium in Awka over the weekend. Governor Soludo expressed his determination to demolish certain properties in order to give way for the remarkable development of Awka as a true state capital.

"We will demolish many properties in Awka and build a befitting capital for us. We will also construct a modern flyover across the highway in Awka. By next year, when Anambra State celebrates its 33rd anniversary, the governor, for the first time, will reside in Awka, at the Government House," affirmed Governor Soludo.

The governor highlighted his commitment to employing every available resource judiciously for the benefit of the people. He emphasized the importance of sustainable human capital development, urging the youth to strive for excellence and secure a decent livelihood.

To this end, Governor Soludo called upon the youth participating in the state government's ongoing One Youth Two Skills training program to take it seriously, as it could serve as a breakthrough in their lives.

The governor's vision for a revitalized Awka aims to establish it as a model capital city that exhibits modern infrastructure, efficient transportation systems, and a conducive environment for inhabitants and investors alike.

Awka, once fully transformed, will symbolize the progress and development of Anambra State. Its aesthetics, coupled with improved social amenities, will boost the overall quality of life for residents, attract tourists, and create business opportunities.

The proposed demolition exercise, while met with mixed reactions, underscores Governor Soludo's strong determination to drive meaningful change. The subsequent rebuilding process will be focused on creating a city that aligns with global standards, ensuring the desired growth and advancement.

As Anambra celebrates its 33rd anniversary next year, Governor Soludo's decision to reside in Awka sends a clear message of his administration's commitment to prioritizing the development of the state capital.

In concluding his statement, Governor Soludo reiterated his promise to serve the people with utmost dedication, transparency, and accountability. He assured the public of his intent to harness all available resources to foster sustainable development for the overall well-being and progress of the state.

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