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Stakeholders Express Concern Over Poor State of Nigerian Power Sector

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Stakeholders Express Concern Over Poor State of Nigerian Power Sector
Stakeholders in Nigeria's power sector express concern over its poor state, as supply to end users remains below 4,000 megawatts, a decade after privatisation. Ahead of the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry (NESI) Market Participants and Stakeholder Roundtable, industry players call for a review of key issues impacting the sector, including gas-to-power issues, market liquidity, and metering of consumers. The roundtable aims to facilitate comprehensive discussions on the 10-year milestone of privatisation and explore opportunities and prospects for the industry.

Concerns have been raised by stakeholders in the Nigerian power sector regarding the poor state of the industry, with supply to end users remaining below 4,000 megawatts even ten years after its privatisation. Leading up to the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry (NESI) Market Participants and Stakeholder Roundtable, industry players are calling for a thorough review of the key issues plaguing the sector.

Edward Eje, the Market Operator at the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), stressed that the electricity market in Nigeria has not surpassed 4,000 megawatts since its privatisation. Eje emphasized the need for industry players to shift their focus from playing the blame game to finding collective solutions to boost the sector.

The Chairman of the NESI Market Participants and Stakeholders Roundtable (NMPSR), Stephen Ogaji, disclosed that the upcoming conference would give priority to gas-to-power issues, market liquidity, metering of consumers, and other key value issues. These concerns will be presented to decision makers with the aim of finding effective and sustainable solutions.

Under the theme of "NESI Privatisation and its 10-year Milestone: The Journey so Far, Opportunities and Prospects," this roundtable will serve as a platform for robust and comprehensive discussions on the challenges and opportunities associated with the Nigerian power sector. The event aims to bring together experts, operators, vendors, and other stakeholders to chart a progressive way forward for the sector.

The Nigerian power sector has long been plagued by numerous challenges, including inadequate gas supply to power plants, disruptions in the supply chain, financial constraints, and poor electrical infrastructure. These issues have resulted in significant limitations in power supply to end users.

Furthermore, the issue of market liquidity has hindered the development of a sustainable power sector. The non-settlement of invoices between market participants has affected the operational capacity of power generation companies and reduced their ability to invest in infrastructure and maintain reliable power supply.

An additional concern is the inadequate metering of electricity consumers, leading to issues related to revenue collection and transparency. Effective metering systems are crucial in ensuring accurate billing, reducing energy losses, and improving overall operational efficiency.

As industry stakeholders gather for the NESI Market Participants and Stakeholder Roundtable, the hope is that the discussions will yield actionable solutions and insights for the future of the Nigerian power sector. With a collaborative approach and a focus on addressing key challenges, there is an opportunity to transform the sector and provide reliable and affordable power supply to the Nigerian populace.

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