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Tue, Aug 8, 2023 12:55 PM

Ikale World Congress Calls for Youth Inclusion in Nation Development

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Ikale World Congress Calls for Youth Inclusion in Nation Development
The Ikale World Congress (IWC) emphasizes the importance of involving younger people in developing the Ikale nation both at home and abroad. The president of IWC, Olayinka Ibitoye, highlighted the need to engage the younger generation for sustainable progress and the preservation of Ikale cultural heritage. The Congress aims to foster unity, promote the Ikale culture, and provide humanitarian aid to Ikale communities worldwide.

The Ikale World Congress (IWC) held its 2023 yearly convention and dinner night in Philadelphia, United States, where the new president, Olayinka Ibitoye, reiterated the significance of including younger people in the development of the Ikale nation. Ibitoye emphasized the role of the younger generation as a catalyst for socialization and as the key to pushing the boundaries of Ikale influence globally.

The IWC aims to collaborate with love and work passionately to facilitate sustainable projects that not only generate traffic but also enlighten Ikale citizens and promote development in the region. Bringing the younger generation onboard ensures continuity and builds upon past achievements, setting the stage for future success.

"The mission of the IWC is to preserve and promote Ikale cultural heritage by fostering unity among Ikale people worldwide and providing humanitarian assistance to Ikale communities globally," Olayinka Ibitoye explained.

The involvement of the younger generation is considered vital due to their fresh perspectives, technological savvy, and ability to connect with diverse audiences. By embracing their talents and ideas, the IWC aims to drive innovation and adapt to the evolving needs of the Ikale people.

The younger generation has a profound impact on socialization, bridging the gap between different generations and promoting a sense of belonging. Their involvement ensures the transfer of cultural knowledge, values, and customs from one generation to the next. This strengthens the Ikale identity while also fostering a sense of pride and connection to their heritage.

Furthermore, by engaging the youth, the IWC can harness their energy and enthusiasm to implement sustainable projects that address societal challenges faced by Ikale communities worldwide. These projects can range from education and healthcare initiatives to infrastructure development and economic empowerment.

It is essential that the Ikale World Congress continues to create platforms and opportunities for the younger generation to actively participate in decision-making processes and contribute to the development of their communities. By doing so, the IWC ensures that the Ikale nation remains vibrant, dynamic, and influential in the global arena.

In conclusion, the Ikale World Congress recognizes the need to involve younger people in the development of the Ikale nation. Their inclusion not only ensures continuity but also strengthens Ikale cultural heritage and promotes unity among Ikale people worldwide. The Congress aims to provide a platform for the younger generation to contribute their innovative ideas, energy, and passion to sustainable projects that uplift Ikale communities and enhance their overall well-being.

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