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Mon, Aug 28, 2023 10:30 PM

Akwa Ibom State Government to Digitize AKBC-TV After 35 Years

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Akwa Ibom State Government to Digitize AKBC-TV After 35 Years
The Akwa Ibom State Government in Nigeria has announced plans to digitize the broadcast operations at AKBC-TV, 35 years after its establishment. The government aims to rebrand the state-owned station and compete in the digital space. The Commissioner for Information, Comrade Ini Ememobong, emphasized the need for AKBC-TV to realign its content architecture and for journalists to acquire adequate ICT skills to drive the digitization process. A professor from the University of Uyo also called for the provision of technical infrastructure in government broadcast establishments to ensure successful digitization.

The Akwa Ibom State Government has announced its commitment to digitalize the broadcast operations of AKBC-TV, the television arm of Akwa Ibom Broadcasting Corporation (AKBC), which was established 35 years ago. The move comes as part of the government's efforts to rebrand the state-owned station and enable it to compete effectively in the digital space.

Comrade Ini Ememobong, the Commissioner for Information, disclosed this during the 35th anniversary celebration of the AKBC-TV Chapel in Uyo. Ememobong highlighted the government's determination to fulfill its promise of bringing AKBC-TV up to date in the digital era. He encouraged the corporation to align its content architecture with the ongoing digitization process.

Recognizing the importance of digital skills in journalism, Ememobong challenged members of the AKBC-TV chapel to invest in personal development and acquire adequate information and communication technology (ICT) skills. He emphasized that professionalism alone would not suffice in the digital age.

Professor Uwem Akpan, the Head of the Department of Broadcasting at the Faculty of Communication and Media Studies, University of Uyo, spoke about the significance of digital tools, a conducive working environment, and a well-trained workforce in achieving successful digitization. He questioned why the state government was spending substantial sums of money on private media outlets outside the state, urging a shift towards supporting and repositioning the state-owned AKBC-TV.

In her remarks, Comrade Uduak Ekong, the Chairman of the AKBC-TV Chapel, emphasized the need for journalists within AKBC Television to prepare themselves for the digitization process. She noted that including AKBC-TV in the DSTV bouquet would require a complete overhaul of reportage and output. Ekong also expressed the urgent need for working tools and a newsroom environment conducive to smart work.

Taking steps towards preparation, the AKBC-TV Chapel has started acquiring professional laptops and other gadgets necessary for the demands of digitization. Ekong passionately appealed for both individual and corporate support to facilitate the smooth transition.

In conclusion, Ememobong and the AKBC-TV Chapel recognize the significance of digitization in refining journalism practice. By embracing digital broadcasting, AKBC-TV aims to provide better picture and sound quality to viewers. The shift from analogue to digital broadcasting presents clear advantages for both consumers and operators, including efficient data processing and compression.

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