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Mon, Aug 28, 2023 2:30 PM

Nigeria Customs Intercept Smuggled Items: Indian Hemp and Donkey Skin Seized

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Nigeria Customs Intercept Smuggled Items: Indian Hemp and Donkey Skin Seized
Nigeria Customs Service in the Kebbi State Command has intercepted a significant amount of cannabis sativa (Indian hemp) and donkey skin in recent operations. The seized items, valued at over N164 million, have been handed over to appropriate sister agencies for further investigations. This article provides an overview of the Customs' efforts to combat smuggling and highlights the importance of interagency collaboration in addressing illicit activities that pose a threat to public health and the nation's economy.

In a bid to intensify their crackdown on smuggling activities, the Nigeria Customs Service, Kebbi Area Command, has made a significant interception of illicit substances and contraband items. This recent operation has resulted in the seizure of cannabis sativa, commonly known as Indian hemp, and donkey skin, both of which have been handed over to relevant sister agencies for further investigation.

According to the Customs' officials, the seized items have a Duty Paid Value (DPV) of N164,815,629. Of this value, the confiscated drug, Indian hemp, accounted for approximately N94,854,409. This seizure highlights the relentless efforts of the Nigeria Customs Service to curb the inflow of illegal drugs and prevent their distribution within the country.

The interception took place at the Kawara water side in Suru Local Government Area. Acting on credible intelligence, the Customs officers intensified surveillance across the state, particularly targeting smuggling activities related to drugs and other harmful substances. This strategic approach aims to cripple the operations of smugglers and protect the nation's economy.

During the operation, 371 parcels of cannabis sativa were intercepted at the Kawara water side. In addition to the Indian hemp, the Customs officers also seized 98 packs of diazepam, 10 sacks of snuff, 1080 pieces of donkey skin, 37 bags of foreign parboiled rice, 300 litres of PMS, 16 bales of second-hand clothing, and one used Toyota Corolla used as a means of conveyance.

The significant value of the seized items underscores the magnitude of the illegal trade taking place in the region. The deployment of adequate resources and intensified surveillance by Nigeria Customs officers has undoubtedly contributed to this commendable result.

However, the success of the operation is not without its tragic implications. The Customs lamented the loss of two dedicated officers who paid the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. Their dedication and commitment to maintaining law and order will always be remembered.

This interception demonstrates the critical need for interagency collaboration in tackling the menace of drug trafficking and other illicit activities. The Nigeria Customs Service's partnership with sister agencies, such as the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), allows for a holistic and coordinated approach in investigating and prosecuting those involved in smuggling operations.

The handover of these seized items to appropriate sister agencies facilitates thorough investigations that can lead to the unraveling of wider smuggling networks. By striking at the heart of the illicit supply chain, law enforcement agencies are better equipped to disrupt the activities of criminals and dismantle their operations.

The Nigeria Customs Service, Kebbi Area Command, deserves commendation for their unyielding efforts in combating smuggling and protecting the nation's security and economy. The commitment of these officers sets an example for others and sends a strong message to smugglers that their activities will not be tolerated.

In conclusion, the interception of cannabis sativa (Indian hemp) and donkey skin by the Nigeria Customs Service in the Kebbi State Command is a testament to their unwavering determination to secure the nation's borders. This successful operation underlines the importance of collaborative efforts among law enforcement agencies to effectively combat smuggling and maintain public health.

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