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NCC Advises Customers to Safeguard their Bank Details to Combat Electronic Fraud

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NCC Advises Customers to Safeguard their Bank Details to Combat Electronic Fraud
The Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) emphasizes the importance of safeguarding bank details to protect customers from falling victim to electronic fraud. They have initiated a nationwide sensitization campaign titled "Shine Your Eye, No Fall Mugu" to educate Nigerians on the various forms of e-fraud and how to prevent them. NCC's efforts aim to empower individuals with the necessary knowledge to protect themselves in modern-day electronic and financial transactions.

Bauchi, Nigeria - In an effort to combat the rising cases of electronic fraud, the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) has launched a nationwide campaign to educate customers about the critical need to safeguard their bank details.

The NCC's Head of Consumer Policy and Development and Monitoring Unit, Banjo Ojo, emphasized the importance of taking online security seriously in the era of electronic and financial transactions. Speaking during a one-day sensitization workshop in Bauchi, Ojo highlighted the alarming frequency of electronic fraud cases in Nigeria and urged citizens to be vigilant.

The workshop, part of the NCC's "Shine Your Eye, No Fall Mugu" campaign, aims to equip people with essential information to protect themselves and their businesses from falling victim to e-fraud.

Ojo cautioned attendees, saying, "Don't trust anybody with your bank details in modern-day electronic and financial transactions. This includes your PoS agent, family members, and even your children. The dangers of e-fraud are vast, and we need to take these risks seriously."

One prevalent e-fraud tactic discussed during the workshop was "fake alert" scams, whereby marketers receive false notifications of payment from fraudulent sources. Ojo also warned against unauthorized deductions from bank accounts and receiving text messages claiming false lottery wins. Clicking on suspicious links provided in such messages can lead to further trouble.

"We are focused on educating people about major aspects of e-fraud prevention. If you do not expose yourself, criminals will find it challenging to target you. Exposing oneself includes sharing your ATM card information, such as the 16-digit card number, the three-digit number on the back, the card's validity date, and your PIN. These are essential details that should never be shared with anyone, not even with your trusted relations," Ojo emphasized.

The NCC seeks to raise awareness among Nigerians about the risks associated with negligent use of bank details for electronic transactions. By utilizing the NCC network for e-transactions, customers can benefit from enhanced security measures and the commission's commitment to safeguarding their interests.

For addressing related concerns, Ojo encouraged individuals to utilize the NCC's complaint channels, which encompass helpline "622," WhatsApp numbers, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and the commission's official website.

However, Ojo clarified that in cases of electronic fraud, individuals must report incidents to security agencies and not the NCC directly.

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