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Sun, Sep 10, 2023 5:35 PM

Anambra State Governor Promises to Build a Dream Capital in Awka

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Anambra State Governor Promises to Build a Dream Capital in Awka
Anambra State Governor, Prof. Charles Soludo, has announced plans to demolish properties in Awka to transform it into a befitting state capital. Soludo emphasized his commitment to sustainable development and improving the living conditions of the people. This article explores the governor's vision and the potential impact of this ambitious development plan.

Awka, the capital city of Anambra State, is set to undergo a remarkable transformation under the leadership of Governor Charles Soludo. In a recent statement, the governor revealed his plans to demolish several properties in Awka and rebuild it into a state capital that the people can be proud of.

Speaking after participating in the monthly Solution Walk For Healthy Living, Governor Soludo expressed his determination to create a city that reflects the dreams and aspirations of its residents. He outlined his vision for a modern and well-planned capital, complete with flyovers and improved infrastructure.

"We will demolish Awka and build a befitting capital for us. We will also construct flyovers across the highways in Awka. This will make Awka a real capital, a city that everyone will admire," Governor Soludo announced.

The governor also emphasized his commitment to sustainable development and judicious utilization of the state's resources. According to him, every kobo generated by the state government will be allocated towards building sustainable human capital development.

For the first time in the state's history, Governor Charles Soludo plans to reside in Awka by next year, coinciding with Anambra State's 33rd anniversary. This symbolic gesture demonstrates his dedication to the capital city and his determination to bring positive change.

Furthermore, Governor Soludo's administration has been actively involved in youth empowerment programs. He urged young people to strive for excellence and take advantage of the ongoing "one youth, two skills" training initiative. The governor believes that the skills acquired through this program can serve as a breakthrough for the youth, enabling them to build successful careers.

The proposed demolition of properties in Awka has drawn mixed reactions from residents. While some express concerns about losing their homes or businesses, others see it as an opportunity for progress and growth. The governor's commitment to rebuilding Awka into a world-class capital city offers hope for improved infrastructure, job opportunities, and a better quality of life.

However, it is important for the government to ensure that adequate compensation and alternatives are provided for those affected by the demolition. This would help alleviate the concerns and ensure a smooth transition to the new development phase.

With this ambitious development plan, Governor Soludo aims to showcase Awka as a model capital city. By investing in sustainable infrastructure and human capital development, the governor hopes to attract investors, boost economic growth, and improve the overall well-being of the residents.

As the governor's vision begins to take shape, the residents of Awka eagerly anticipate the transformation of their city into a vibrant and flourishing capital. The coming months and years will undoubtedly be critical for the realization of this ambitious dream.

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