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Fri, Aug 11, 2023 11:15 PM

Governor of Bayelsa State Warns against Unauthorized Uniformed Groups Ahead of Governorship Election

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Governor of Bayelsa State Warns against Unauthorized Uniformed Groups Ahead of Governorship Election
Governor Douye Diri of Bayelsa State has issued a stern warning against unauthorized uniformed groups ahead of the state's governorship election. The Governor emphasized the need for peaceful politics and urged politicians to refrain from inciting violence during the electoral process. He commended the introduction of the Bimodal Voter Accreditation System (BVAS) by INEC, highlighting its role in eliminating electoral violence. The Governor called on potential leaders to focus on positive leadership and genuine public service, encouraging them to emulate the late Chief Nestor Binabo's peaceful approach to politics.

YENAGOA, Nigeria - Douye Diri, the Governor of Bayelsa State, has warned against the activities of unauthorized uniformed groups aiming to disrupt the state's governorship election on November 11, 2023.

Senator Diri admonished these groups to desist from their plans or be prepared to face the consequences.

This warning comes amidst rumors that some politicians intend to arm young individuals in acquired uniforms to incite violence during the election.

The Governor made this announcement during a service of songs honoring the late APC chieftain, Chief Nestor Binabo, formerly a Speaker of the House of Assembly and Acting Governor.

Governor Diri, conveyed in a statement by his Chief Press Secretary, Mr. Daniel Alabrah, emphasized that Bayelsa is no longer a battleground for electoral disputes.

He praised the introduction of the Bimodal Voter Accreditation System, BVAS, by INEC, highlighting its role in rendering electoral violence, thuggery, and ballot box snatching obsolete.

The Governor held up the late Binabo as a beacon of peaceful politics, urging his contemporaries to emulate his non-violent approach.

He stated, "The era of political violence in Bayelsa needs to end. The BVAS has made violent methods outdated, and those wishing to lead should not terrorize their potential constituents. Anyone wanting to wear a military uniform should consider joining the armed forces."

Senator Diri stressed the importance of positive leadership and genuine public service as the way forward, warning against deteriorating into a situation like the one currently in the Niger Republic.

Chief Werinepre Seibarugu, also a former Acting Governor, remembered the late Binabo fondly, highlighting their cooperative professional relationship.

During the sermon, Pastor Living Joshua encouraged attendees to leave lasting positive legacies and to prepare for the afterlife.

He advised against selecting leaders whose goals are contrary to Christian values, given Bayelsa's predominantly Christian population.

The Governor's warning comes at a crucial time when preparations for the governorship election are underway in Bayelsa State. The state, known for its rich oil reserves, has had a history of electoral disputes and violence in the past.

The introduction of the Bimodal Voter Accreditation System (BVAS) by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) aims to ensure a transparent and peaceful electoral process. The system allows for the simultaneous use of biometric and facial verification during voter accreditation, making it difficult for unauthorized individuals to participate in the election.

With the BVAS in place, Governor Diri urged politicians and their supporters to uphold peaceful politics, refraining from any actions that could incite violence or disrupt the electoral process.

"Bayelsa is no longer a battleground for electoral disputes. We must prioritize the welfare of our people and ensure a peaceful transition of power," he emphasized.

By warning against unauthorized uniformed groups, the Governor seeks to prevent the use of acquired uniforms to intimidate voters and disrupt the electoral process. This warning serves as a reminder that every citizen has the right to vote freely and without coercion.

The late Chief Nestor Binabo, a prominent political figure in Bayelsa State, was known for his dedication to peaceful politics. Governor Diri praised his approach and encouraged other politicians to follow suit, leaving behind a legacy of non-violence and genuine public service.

Beyond the governorship election, it is crucial for politicians and citizens of Bayelsa State to work towards fostering a culture of peaceful politics. This will contribute not only to the development of the state but also to the overall growth and stability of Nigeria's political landscape.

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