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Governor Agbu Kefas Eulogizes Late Chief Victor Bala Kona as a Remarkable Son of Taraba State

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Governor Agbu Kefas Eulogizes Late Chief Victor Bala Kona as a Remarkable Son of Taraba State
Governor Agbu Kefas of Taraba State pays tribute to late Chief Victor Bala Kona during his funeral, highlighting his dedication to democracy and his role in sustaining the PDP in the state. The governor appeals to the people to forgive the late politician's shortcomings and emphasizes the importance of redoubling efforts to find solutions to the current challenges faced by the state and the nation as a whole. The article also includes the messages from the Bishop of Jalingo Diocese and the Parish Priest, who urge Christians to take their religion seriously and prepare for death.

Taraba State Governor, Dr. Agbu Kefas, delivered a heartfelt farewell speech during the funeral Mass for the late Chief Victor Bala Kona, held at the Catholic Cathedral Jalingo.

Governor Kefas praised the late Chief Kona as a remarkable individual and a true son of Taraba State, highlighting his unwavering support for democracy and his significant role in sustaining the People's Democratic Party (PDP) in the state.

"Chief Victor Bala Kona will be remembered not only as a politician but also as a loving father and a loyal brother. His dedication to the progress of Taraba State and his unwavering commitment to democracy are a testament to his remarkable character," said Governor Kefas.

The governor also urged the people to forgive the late Chief Kona for any shortcomings he might have had, emphasizing the importance of forgiveness in leadership.

"As a leader, it is inevitable to step on toes, but we must live to forgive one another, just as God Almighty forgives our trespasses," he stated.

In his condolence message, the Bishop of Jalingo Diocese, Most Rev. Dr. Charles Michael Hamawa, called on leaders to redouble their efforts to find lasting solutions to the current challenges facing the state and the nation at large.

"Taraba State and our nation are blessed with highly intelligent individuals in various fields, yet our standard of living remains unbelievably low. It is time for our leaders to rise up and proffer solutions to alleviate the untold hardship faced by the people," urged Bishop Hamawa.

The bishop also encouraged Christians to take their faith seriously and embrace the doctrine of service to humanity. He emphasized that religion without such elements is mere ideology.

During his sermon, the Parish Priest, Rev. Peter Hassan Kamai, emphasized the inevitability of death and the need for believers to prepare for the afterlife.

"Death is the necessary end of every individual, and we must be prepared for it. Late Chief Victor Bala Kona led a Christian life characterized by generosity and the promotion of unity. Let us remember that tomorrow is uncertain, and we must live each day in preparation for our eternal destiny," said Rev. Kamai.

Late Hon. Victor Bala Kona was laid to rest on Saturday in his ancestral home in Barkin Dutse, Ardo Kola Local Government of Taraba State. He is survived by his aged mother, wife, and three children.

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