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Wed, Aug 9, 2023 7:05 AM

Gombe State Athletics Association Inaugurates New Academy to Develop World Champions

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Gombe State Athletics Association Inaugurates New Academy to Develop World Champions
Gombe State Athletics Association (GAA) has inaugurated a new athletics academy with 25 pioneering students. The academy aims to train and develop talented athletes in different track and field events, grooming them to become elite stars. The GAA Chairman, Ahmed Shaibu Gara Gombe, emphasized the importance of sports in nurturing talent and encouraged parents to support their children's athletic pursuits.

The Gombe State Athletics Association (GAA) took a significant step towards its goal of producing world champions in athletics with the inauguration of its new academy. The academy, which welcomed 25 pioneering students, is set to play a pivotal role in the development of talented athletes in Gombe State.

The primary objective of the Athletics Academy is to identify and nurture promising grassroots talents, preparing them for national and international athletics competitions. Under the guidance of experienced coaches, these young athletes will engage in rigorous training programs tailored to their respective track and field events.

During the inaugural ceremony, GAA Chairman Ahmed Shaibu Gara Gombe emphasized the importance of sports in the lives of young individuals. He expressed his belief that sports, especially athletics, could open doors to scholarships and alternative sources of income for talented athletes.

To support and motivate the pioneering students, Gara presented them with two pairs of kits, two pairs of school uniforms, cartons of indomie noodles, a half-crated of eggs, and powdered milk, among other provisions. These gestures aimed to facilitate a conducive training environment and foster the students' pursuit of excellence.

Gara urged parents to encourage and support their children's interest in sports. He emphasized that participating in athletics and attending the academy's training programs would provide an avenue for talented youngsters to hone their skills and unlock opportunities for scholarships and future success in the world of athletics.

The inauguration of the GAA Athletics Academy is a significant milestone for Gombe State and its athletic community. It underscores the commitment of the GAA to develop world-class athletes who can represent Nigeria with distinction on the global stage.

By investing in the early development of talented athletes and providing them with quality training and guidance, the academy aims to produce more world champions who can bring glory to the state and country. This initiative also supports the broader vision of Nigerian sports authorities in nurturing and harnessing grassroots talent.

The GAA Athletics Academy will serve as a center of excellence where young athletes can refine their skills, discover their true potential, and build promising careers in athletics. Through a combination of specialized coaching, cutting-edge facilities, and comprehensive support services, the academy will provide an ideal platform for athletes to thrive and achieve their dreams.

Gombe State can look forward to an exciting future in athletics, with the potential emergence of talented athletes who can compete at the highest levels and make their mark on the international stage. The inauguration of this academy marks a positive step towards realizing that vision and harnessing the immense athletic potential within the state.

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