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Tue, Aug 8, 2023 11:10 AM

Niger Delta Exploration and Production rebrands as Aradel Holdings

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Niger Delta Exploration and Production rebrands as Aradel Holdings
Niger Delta Exploration and Production Plc (NDEP) has announced its rebranding as Aradel Holdings, emphasizing its long-term strategy of becoming Africa's leading organization in sustainable energy solutions for economic growth.

Lagos - Niger Delta Exploration and Production Plc (NDEP), a prominent integrated energy company, has unveiled its new brand identity as Aradel Holdings. The rebranding aims to align the company's long-term vision of delivering sustainable energy solutions with its goal of becoming Africa's top energy organization.

The exclusive grand launch event, held on August 4th, 2023, highlighted Aradel Holdings' commitment to technology integration to harness Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa's abundant energy sources. The company aims to create an affordable and sustainable energy bouquet that promotes universal energy access.

During the unveiling of Aradel Holdings' corporate identity, Mr. Ladi Jadesimi, Chairman of the company, emphasized the significance of the rebranding. He stated that the new brand reflects NDEP's rich history and heritage while showcasing its future portfolio aspirations.

According to Mr. Jadesimi, "This is an important day for our company because it signifies our coming of age as a fully integrated player in the energy business. We are very aligned with the dynamic changes, opportunities, and challenges ahead of us and have a robust and well-articulated strategy to take advantage of the opportunities while managing the risks."

The strategic move to rebrand as Aradel Holdings aligns with the company's vision of becoming the leading provider of sustainable energy solutions. Aradel Holdings seeks to consolidate its position by delivering high-quality goods and services associated with its brand, both nationally and internationally.

With a focus on the future, Aradel Holdings aims to leverage its expertise and adopt innovative technologies to support economic growth and the global energy transition. By prioritizing sustainability and affordability, the company aims to ensure universal energy access in Nigeria and beyond.

In conclusion, the rebranding to Aradel Holdings marks a significant milestone for the company's growth and expansion in the energy sector. By embracing a new identity, NDEP reinforces its commitment to delivering sustainable energy solutions that drive economic growth and promote universal energy access in Africa.

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