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Nigerian Safety Investigation Bureau Urges Stakeholders to Refrain from Speculating on Jabiru J430 Aircraft Crash

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Nigerian Safety Investigation Bureau Urges Stakeholders to Refrain from Speculating on Jabiru J430 Aircraft Crash
The Nigerian Safety Investigation Bureau (NSIB) has called on professionals and stakeholders in the country's aviation industry to refrain from making speculative comments on the recent Jabiru J430 aircraft crash in Lagos. The NSIB emphasized the importance of waiting for the investigation findings before drawing conclusions about the cause of the accident.

The Nigerian Safety Investigation Bureau (NSIB) has issued a plea to professionals and stakeholders in the aviation industry, urging them to abstain from engaging in speculation and making unwarranted comments regarding the recent tragic incident involving a Jabiru J430 aircraft. The aircraft crashed in the Oba Akran area of Lagos while en route to Ibadan for a test flight.

Tunji Oketunbi, a representative of the NSIB, spoke to aviation journalists in Lagos and stressed that it is unprofessional to draw definitive conclusions or issue statements pertaining to the cause of an accident prior to the official release of investigation findings. He expressed dissatisfaction with certain comments made by professionals within the sector regarding the accident, which involved two pilots.

Oketunbi highlighted the importance of adhering to the regulations established by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) with regards to accident reports and standards. According to ICAO Annex 13, which outlines the accident investigation process, preliminary reports should be released within 30 days of the occurrence, while final reports should be released within 12 months once the investigation is complete.

The NSIB pledged to conduct a meticulous investigation of the accident and subsequently share actionable recommendations with the public in order to prevent similar incidents in the future. Oketunbi cautioned against engaging in speculative discussions, as he believed they could damage the country's reputation within the international aviation community. He appealed to individuals commenting on the accident to await the NSIB's investigation findings before publicly expressing their personal opinions.

He emphasized, "We must refrain from making assumptions about the immediate or underlying cause of the accident. The ownership of the aircraft involved in the crash is irrelevant. As professionals in the aviation industry, we must avoid commenting without proper knowledge. Aviation is a highly regulated field, and we are committed to upholding the standards and recommended practices set forth by ICAO."

"Everyone should exercise patience and allow the NSIB to carry out its investigation, present its preliminary and final reports, which we believe will effectively prevent similar occurrences. People must allow us to perform our duties. We are immune to emotional influence or the speculations currently circulating. As always, our investigation and reports will be conducted in a professional manner."

Furthermore, Oketunbi urged the media to refrain from disseminating inaccurate information regarding the crash and to ensure that any reports published are based on verified facts.

As the NSIB endeavors to uncover the truth behind the Jabiru J430 aircraft crash, it is crucial for all stakeholders and professionals in the aviation industry to exercise restraint and await the official findings. Only then can comprehensive measures be implemented to enhance safety and prevent future accidents.

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