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Mon, Jul 17, 2023 1:50 PM

Raid on Former Governor's Auto Shop Sparks Controversy in Benue State

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Raid on Former Governor's Auto Shop Sparks Controversy in Benue State
A surprise raid conducted by the Asset Recovery Committee on an auto shop owned by former Governor Samuel Ortom in Benue State has ignited controversy. The opposition party, PDP, accuses Governor Hyacinth Alia of initiating a witch hunt against Ortom, claiming that the seized vehicles were privately owned and brought in for repairs. The current governor's office claims that 29 government vehicles were looted by Ortom. The raid intensifies the political tension between the two governors and raises concerns about asset recovery and accountability in Benue State.

MAKURDI, Nigeria -- A surprise raid on an auto shop owned by former Governor Samuel Ortom in Benue State's capital of Makurdi has ignited a fierce political controversy. Conducted by the Asset Recovery Committee appointed by Governor Hyacinth Alia, the operation resulted in the seizure of several vehicles, some of which were towed away after failed attempts to drive them.

The People's Democratic Party (PDP) in Benue, the opposition party, was quick to condemn the raid, accusing Governor Alia of embarking on a witch hunt against Ortom. Bemgba Iortyom, PDP State Publicity Secretary, denounced the operation as "a shameful showing of naked tyranny and impunity."

Iortyom contested the government's claims that the seized vehicles were public assets, asserting that they were privately owned and brought to the workshop for repairs. He pointed out, "this is yet another manifestation of disregard for the rule of law by the Benue State Governor, considering there is a subsisting court order barring his government from tampering with the assets of the former governor, specifically motor vehicles."

The current governor's office, represented by Chief Press Secretary Tersoo Kula, responded with accusations of its own. Kula claimed that 29 government vehicles had been looted by Ortom, intensifying the contentious issue of asset recovery in the state. According to Kula, the government house had suffered significant vandalism, including stolen furniture, window blinds, electronics, and other household appliances. Furthermore, an ambulance and press crew bus attached to the governor's office were reported missing.

This raid marks a significant escalation in the ongoing political tension between Governor Alia and former Governor Ortom. The issue of asset recovery and accountability has once again taken center stage in Benue State. The public awaits a thorough investigation into the ownership of the seized vehicles and the truth behind the allegations of looting leveled against Ortom.

This incident raises questions about the proper procedures and legal frameworks for asset recovery actions. It is imperative for the government to abide by court orders and ensure transparency in its actions. The rule of law must prevail, and accusations should be substantiated to preserve public trust and confidence in the administration.

At this juncture, it is crucial for both Governor Alia and former Governor Ortom to exercise restraint and allow due process to unfold. Their actions will have lasting implications for the state's political landscape and the perception of justice and accountability in Benue.

As the fallout from this controversial raid continues, it is clear that the dynamics between the two governors will shape the future of Benue State and its governance. The public is entitled to a fair and honest examination of the allegations and a resolution that upholds the principles of justice and the rule of law.

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