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Nigeria: Man Describes Terrifying Kidnapping Ordeal of His Wife and Daughters in Abuja

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Nigeria: Man Describes Terrifying Kidnapping Ordeal of His Wife and Daughters in Abuja
Surajudeen Olasinde recounts the harrowing incident of his wife and two daughters being kidnapped in Abuja. The kidnappers demanded a hefty ransom but were eventually paid a fraction of the initial amount. The family is now seeking help from authorities to ensure their safety.

A public servant, Surajudeen Olasinde, shared a chilling account of how his wife, Mistura, and their two young daughters, Hauwa and Fatima, were kidnapped in Abuja. The incident occurred on Friday, 8 September, as the family was driving home from Garki to Starwood Estate.

According to Mr Olasinde, as they approached Kabusa Garden Estate where the road conditions were particularly poor, the kidnappers emerged from the nearby bushes and began shooting to intimidate bystanders. They swiftly abducted his wife and daughters, swiftly vanishing into the depths of the forest.

The community promptly reached out to the Divisional Police Station with the distressing news, and the Divisional Police Officer, Jerry Cole, led a team in conjunction with local vigilantes to comb through the surrounding areas. Unfortunately, their efforts to locate the victims were in vain.

When Mr Olasinde was informed of the incident, he was devastated. Despite being transferred to Kwara State, he rushed back to Abuja to help secure the safe release of his family.

The desperate kidnappers initially demanded a staggering N100 million ransom. They later reduced their demand to N50 million, and then to N10 million. Fearing for their lives, the family pleaded with the criminals, emphasizing their financial constraints. In a cruel revelation, the kidnappers even threatened to harm or sell the body parts of Olasinde's wife and daughters for profit.

Unable to gather the requested sum, the family resorted to selling their Toyota Highlander in an effort to raise funds. In the end, they managed to pool together N2.8 million, a fraction of the amount demanded by the kidnappers.

The criminals instructed Olasinde and his brother-in-law to deliver the ransom on Saturday night. They were instructed to go to Kabusa Village, pick a random commercial motorcyclist, and proceed to an undisclosed location. Following these instructions, the family handed over the N2 million and N840,000 to the kidnappers.

After an agonizing wait, Mr Olasinde's wife and daughters finally emerged from the thick forest. Injured and traumatized, they were taken to a hospital for medical attention.

Expressing his disappointment and fear, Surajudeen Olasinde called on President Bola Tinubu and the Minister of FCT, Nyesom Wike, to intervene and ensure the safety of the residents in the area. He highlighted that this was not the first incident of kidnapping in their neighborhood.

Kayode Adedoyin, the Chairman of Residents of Starwood Estate, emphasized the numerous previous cases of abduction in the surroundings. He appealed to the FCT minister to take urgent measures in enhancing the security and protecting the lives of the community members.

Although the media reached out to the Galadimawa Divisional Police Officer, Mr Cole, and the FCT Police PRO, Josephine Adeh, neither were able to provide comment or updates on the incident.

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