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Mon, Jul 31, 2023 6:40 PM

Access Bank Engages Customers in Town Hall Meetings for Product Exposure

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Access Bank Engages Customers in Town Hall Meetings for Product Exposure
Access Bank, Nigeria's largest bank by customer base, has introduced town hall meetings as a new strategy for customer engagement. These meetings provide an opportunity for customers to interact with top management and discuss their banking needs, business concerns, and general well-being. The bank aims to expose its products to customers on a personal level and gather feedback to improve its services. The town hall meetings have been well-received by customers, emphasizing the importance of customer satisfaction and open communication for Access Bank.

Access Bank, Nigeria's largest bank by customer base, is taking customer engagement to a new level by introducing town hall meetings as a strategy for interaction and product exposure. These meetings offer customers the rare opportunity to meet with the top management of the bank and discuss various aspects of their banking needs, business concerns, and general well-being.

The town hall meetings, initiated by Access Bank, aim to expose customers to the bank's wide range of products and services on a one-on-one basis. By facilitating face-to-face interactions between customers and top executives, the bank strives to foster a deeper understanding of customers' needs and gather valuable feedback to enhance its offerings.

Access Bank recently organized successful town hall meetings in Festac Town, Lagos, and Ibadan. The events, titled "Breakfast with Deputy Managing Director, Retail South," received an overwhelming response from customers who eagerly participated in these interactive sessions. The bank plans to organize similar engagements in the North region to reach a wider customer base.

Mrs. Chizoma Okoli, Deputy Managing Director, Retail South at Access Bank, took charge of the meetings in Lagos and Ibadan. She expressed the bank's commitment to open communication and acknowledged the significance of customers, particularly Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), as the backbone of the bank's operations.

"Your trust, loyalty, and constructive feedback have been instrumental to our growth and evolution," stated Mrs. Okoli. "This forum exemplifies our commitment to engaging in meaningful dialogue, understanding your needs, addressing your concerns, and working together towards mutual success."

The bank understands the challenges faced by SMEs in recent years due to macroeconomic headwinds, both in Nigeria and globally. Access Bank has launched various initiatives and invested in cutting-edge technologies, infrastructure, and training to provide customers with seamless and secure banking experiences.

Mrs. Okoli further highlighted the bank's focus on trade finance solutions and its newly established subsidiary in Paris, France. This subsidiary aims to facilitate trade relationships between Africa and France, particularly in francophone Africa.

Access Bank's expansion efforts are not limited to international ventures. The bank also intends to open a branch at the University of Ibadan, catering to the banking needs of students and the academic community.

The response from customers in Lagos and Ibadan demonstrated their enthusiasm for the bank's customer-centric approach and the opportunity to engage directly with high-level executives. Access Bank remains committed to listening to customer feedback, understanding unique circumstances, and tailoring its offerings to suit diverse financial needs.

The town hall meetings exemplify the bank's dedication to nurturing customer relationships and delivering exceptional service. By prioritizing open communication and customer satisfaction, Access Bank aims to strengthen its position as a reliable financial partner for customers across Nigeria and beyond.

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