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Thu, Aug 3, 2023 6:25 AM

Strong Pessimism on the Policy Direction of President Tinubu's Administration Revealed by Stears Approval Rating

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Strong Pessimism on the Policy Direction of President Tinubu's Administration Revealed by Stears Approval Rating
The newly introduced Stears Approval Rating (SAR) has shown that there is strong pessimism among Nigerians regarding the policy direction of the President Tinubu-led administration. Despite multiple policy changes, President Tinubu's policies have received more approvals compared to the previous administration. A survey conducted by Stears captured the concerns and sentiment of Nigerians, highlighting the need for urgent action to ease the cost burdens on citizens. The removal of petrol subsidy was met with disapproval, indicating policy missteps.

Lagos – A recent survey conducted by Stears Approval Rating (SAR) has exposed the prevailing pessimism among Nigerians regarding the policy direction of the President Bola Tinubu-led administration. The SAR poll, consisting of statistically significant responses from 519 residents across all 20 local government areas in Lagos, offers valuable insights into public sentiment.

The SAR is a comprehensive rating system built on responses to 25 questions encompassing a range of topics including socioeconomic policies, living conditions, institutional trust, and voter status. The interviews were conducted in English, Pidgin English, and Yoruba, ensuring inclusivity and representation.

Tokunbo Afikuyomi, an economist at Stears, expressed excitement about the SAR and its ability to capture subtle fluctuations in consumer sentiment. He emphasized the importance of data-driven governance and the application of data beyond the realms of politics.

The survey revealed that President Tinubu's policies have garnered twice as many approvals from Nigerians compared to the policies of the previous administration. However, despite this relative approval, the report highlights the urgency for action to address the concerns and burdens faced by citizens. Among the Lagos residents surveyed, 42 percent expressed pessimism while 32 percent remained optimistic about the country's direction.

When asked about their perception of the social and economic policies of both the current Tinubu-led administration and the past Buhari administration, only 12 percent approved of the previous administration's policies, while 50 percent disapproved. In comparison, 27 percent approved of the current administration's policies, but 33 percent voiced disapproval. These figures indicate a significant disapproval of the previous administration's policies and suggest some missteps.

One policy change that received considerable disapproval was the removal of the petrol subsidy, leading to a drastic overnight increase in the price of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) in Lagos. The SAR data collected indicated that 58 percent of respondents disapproved of this decision, with only 32 percent expressing approval. It is worth noting that this data was collected before the subsequent price increase to the current N568/litre in Lagos.

The Stears Approval Rating provides a valuable glimpse into the concerns of Nigerians and reinforces the need for swift action to address the burdens faced by the people. With the SAR capturing nuanced shifts in consumer sentiment, it offers a useful tool for analyzing public perception and guiding policy decisions.

As the Tinubu-led administration charts its course, these survey insights can serve as a compass for policymakers in addressing the concerns expressed by the Nigerian populace. Effective governance hinges on understanding public sentiment, and the Stears Approval Rating contributes toward this goal.

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