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Sun, Aug 6, 2023 10:15 AM

Restoration of "Park and Pay" Scheme in Abuja: Promoting Orderliness and Efficiency

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Restoration of "Park and Pay" Scheme in Abuja: Promoting Orderliness and Efficiency
The Federal Capital Territory administration (FCTA) has signed an agreement with concessionaires to restore the "park and pay" scheme in Abuja. The move aims to promote orderliness and organization in vehicle parking, decongest the city, and enhance the overall motoring experience. The earlier suspension of the scheme has been addressed through proper regulation and approval from the Federal Executive Council (FEC).

The Federal Capital Territory administration (FCTA) has taken a significant step towards improving vehicle parking and reducing congestion in Abuja. The FCTA, in collaboration with a group of concessionaires, has signed an agreement to restore the "park and pay" scheme in the city. This development aims to promote a culture of orderliness, enhance efficiency, and provide a pleasant motoring experience for residents and visitors alike.

The "park and pay" scheme, which was suspended in 2014 due to legal and administrative reasons, has now been revived with the necessary regulatory framework and approval from the Federal Executive Council (FEC). The scheme will enable vehicle owners to access designated parking lots for a fee, while also imposing fines on motorists who engage in wrongful parking.

The restoration of the scheme comes with the active support of the six Area Councils in Abuja, highlighting the collaborative effort to address the challenges posed by increasing population growth, congestion, and traffic issues. Haphazard parking has been a concern, leading to intensified parking competition and subsequent traffic congestion, compromising road safety and pedestrian security.

The reintroduction of the "park and pay" scheme is expected to have several positive impacts, particularly on the economic activities of FCT residents. By streamlining parking management and ensuring efficient use of spaces, the initiative aims to improve customer experience, save time and fuel for motorists, and contribute to a cleaner, safer, and more aesthetically pleasing urban environment.

The implementation of the scheme will be preceded by comprehensive communication and engagement with stakeholders, including key institutions, residents, and the media. This approach will ensure that citizens are fully aware of the scheme's objectives, procedures, and benefits. The sensitization process will also include a period of free parking to familiarize individuals with the facilities and ensure smooth adoption.

Mr. Wadata Bodinga, Director of Traffic Management at the Transportation Secretariat of the FCTA, emphasized the need for balance between modernization and convenience while prioritizing the well-being of residents. He noted that the "park and pay" scheme would relieve pressure on existing public infrastructure, reduce congestion, and promote the free flow of traffic.

Managing Director of NAJEC Ltd., Mr. Nebolisa Igboka, representing the concessionaires, commended the FCTA for reintroducing the on-street parking scheme. He highlighted the benefits of the scheme, such as easing parking burdens, improving urban utilization, and promoting local businesses.

By implementing time limits and zoning regulations, the on-street parking initiative aims to prevent abuse and ensure fair access for all residents and visitors. This approach will contribute to a cleaner, safer, and more efficient city, ultimately benefiting the overall public health and well-being of the community.

In conclusion, the restoration of the "park and pay" scheme in Abuja marks a crucial step in addressing parking challenges, congestion, and promoting orderliness in the city. With proper regulation, support from the Area Councils, and proactive stakeholder engagement, the scheme aims to enhance the motoring experience, boost economic activities, and contribute to a more sustainable and thriving urban environment.

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