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Rising Floodwaters in Anambra State Pose Threat to Lives and Property

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Rising Floodwaters in Anambra State Pose Threat to Lives and Property
As the annual release of excess water from Cameroon's Lagdo Dam approaches, the government of Anambra State has issued a warning about the impending floods in the state. At least three people have already been swept away, and several areas are at high risk. The State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) has called on residents in flood-prone areas to relocate to safe Internally Displaced Peoples (IDP) camps. The government has activated a special flood committee and contingency plans to mitigate the potential disaster.

Awka, the capital of Anambra State, and Nimo in the Njikoka Local Council have recently witnessed the loss of three lives due to devastating floods. With the annual release of excess water from Cameroon's Lagdo Dam looming, the Anambra State government is urging residents in flood-prone areas to take immediate action to protect lives and properties.

The Lagdo Dam, situated in Cameroon, releases excess water every year to manage its reservoir levels during the rainy season. This discharge leads to an increase in the water levels of the Benue River and its tributaries, which poses a significant threat to downstream areas, including Anambra State.

Having experienced catastrophic incidents of flooding last year, the government wants to prevent a recurrence of the devastating losses. For this year's flood event, a special flood committee led by Deputy Governor Dr. Onyekachukwu Ibezim has initiated risk management mechanisms and contingency plans.

The State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) has issued early warnings to residents living in riverside and flood-prone areas. The agency advises them to relocate immediately to the safe Internally Displaced Peoples (IDP) camps established by Governor Charles Soludo.

Residents in local government areas such as Ogbaru, Ayamelum, Anambra East and West, Onitsha North and South, Awka North, Idemmili South, Ekwusigo, and Ihiala are specifically urged to take swift action and relocate.

Unfortunately, despite these warnings, more lives have been lost to the rampaging floods. In the Njikoka Local Government Area of Anambra State, a man was swept away by floodwaters at the Oye market in Nimo. Efforts to locate the victim's body are ongoing.

This tragic incident follows the deaths of two children in Nkwele Awka, Awka South Local Government, just four days prior. The children, aged between four and seven, were swept away by floodwaters. One child was carried away while disposing of refuse in a flood channel, while the other met the same fate while attempting to retrieve his slippers.

The situation in Anambra State is dire, and immediate action is necessary to protect lives and property. Authorities are working tirelessly to manage the impending floods, but the cooperation and proactive involvement of residents are critical to mitigating the disaster.

While the government has set up safe IDP camps, it is essential for individuals and families in high-risk areas to heed the recommendations and relocate promptly. Preparedness is key, and everyone must be fully alert and informed about the potential dangers posed by the release of water from the Lagdo Dam.

Now is the time to prioritize safety and take the necessary steps to safeguard lives and properties. By working together, the Anambra community can minimize the devastating impact of the floods and ensure the well-being of its people.

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