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Mon, Aug 28, 2023 5:50 PM

Gombe State Palliatives: Fair Distribution or Political Favouritism?

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Gombe State Palliatives: Fair Distribution or Political Favouritism?
The Gombe State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) responds to allegations of political considerations in the distribution of palliatives by the state government. Find out the reasons behind the claims and the agency's justification for the distribution process.

In recent weeks, the distribution of palliatives by the Gombe State government has stirred controversy among residents. Some claim that the palliatives were distributed based on political considerations, benefiting only members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state. However, the Gombe State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) denies these allegations, stating that the palliatives were distributed fairly to the most vulnerable individuals in the state.

Addressing the claims, Mr Abdullahi Abdullahi, the executive secretary of SEMA and chairman of the distribution committee, emphasized that the palliatives were intended for the people of Gombe and not solely for APC members. He clarified that the distribution process was carried out randomly, with ten persons selected from each polling unit.

The aim of the palliatives was to provide relief to those most affected by the fuel subsidy removal. Hajia Halima Musa, a resident of Hayin Dogo in the Nasarawo community, expressed her concern about the exclusive distribution and questioned why only APC members were considered for the palliatives. She argued that people from different political parties were also affected by the subsidy removal and should have been eligible for assistance.

Ms Rebecca John, another resident from the same community, alleged that APC members in their ward had held meetings to plan the distribution, resulting in only their members receiving the palliatives. She emphasized Governor Inuwa Yahaya's directive that the palliatives be given to the most vulnerable, highlighting the need for inclusiveness in the distribution process.

However, SEMA maintains that the distribution was conducted without bias. Abdullahi stated that party affiliation was not taken into account when selecting beneficiaries, and the distribution was fair and random. He acknowledged that some individuals might feel excluded if they did not receive palliatives, but assured the public that the upcoming distribution of federal government palliatives would cover more people.

While the allegations of political favouritism persist, the widespread distribution of future palliatives from the federal government may help alleviate concerns and bridge the gap between the people and the government. SEMA's commitment to reaching the most vulnerable in the state, irrespective of party affiliation, remains at the forefront of their distribution efforts.

The issue of fair and inclusive distribution of palliatives is not unique to Gombe State. It is a challenge faced by many governments across the globe during times of crisis. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect various communities, it is essential for authorities to ensure that aid reaches those who require it the most, without any form of political bias.

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