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Thu, Aug 31, 2023 10:55 PM

Lawyers Protest Choice of Portable as Guest Performer at Nigerian Bar Association Event

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Lawyers Protest Choice of Portable as Guest Performer at Nigerian Bar Association Event
Lawyers attending the Nigerian Bar Association's annual general conference in Abuja were left stunned and outraged when Portable, a self-styled 'wahala' musician, was announced as the surprise guest performer at the event. This unexpected choice prompted a significant number of attorneys to leave in protest, raising concerns about the appropriateness of Portable's presence at a gathering of legal professionals.

In a peculiar turn of events at the Nigerian Bar Association's annual general conference in Abuja, lawyers were left in shock and protest after the surprise guest performer for the event was announced. The programme, "Unbarred," held at the MKO Abiola Stadium, promised attendees an evening of entertainment led by popular host Timi Agbaje and DJs Skillz.

Anticipation was high as lawyers waited for the surprise act to be unveiled. However, their expectations were shattered when Portable, a self-styled 'wahala' musician, took the stage. The news of Portable's appearance was met with discontent and disbelief among the legal professionals in attendance.

Yakubu Maikyau, the president of the Nigerian Bar Association, delivered a brief speech before the DJ took over with a short set. It was at this point that Portable made his 'shocking' appearance, further fueling the outrage among the attendees.

The choice to invite Portable sparked immediate concerns about the appropriateness of his presence at an event attended by lawyers who were hoping for a more refined and sophisticated form of entertainment. While Portable may have a loyal fan base, his music, which often revolves around controversial and provocative themes, is not typically associated with the legal profession.

A significant number of lawyers decided to take a stand against the inclusion of Portable in the event's lineup. Dissatisfied with the choice of the guest performer, they voiced their objections and promptly left the venue. Some attorneys departed on foot, while others made their exit in vehicles.

The walkout by the protesting lawyers serves as a testament to the importance they place on upholding the integrity and professionalism of their field. In their view, Portable's presence denigrated the image of the legal profession and was a disrespectful affront to the entire legal community.

While entertainment is a common component of conferences and events, organizers must consider the expectations and sensibilities of their audience. The decision to invite Portable suggests a lack of understanding or disregard for the preferences and values of the legal professionals in attendance.

The incident also raises questions about the overall planning and coordination of the event. How the surprise guest performer was selected and whether the organizers adequately researched his reputation and compatibility with the audience remains unclear. This misstep may lead to further scrutiny of the Nigerian Bar Association's event planning processes.

As news of the lawyers' protest spreads, it is likely to generate discussions within the legal community and beyond. The incident serves as a reminder of the need for professionalism and appropriateness in all aspects of professional gatherings, including entertainment choices.

The protesting lawyers hope that their act of leaving the event will draw attention to the concerns they have about the choice of entertainment at future conferences. By taking a stand against what they perceive as a lapse in judgment, these legal professionals aim to protect the reputation and dignity of their profession.

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