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Mon, Sep 4, 2023 4:10 PM

Nigeria Issues Ultimatum to Illegal Miners in Sweeping Mining License Review

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Nigeria Issues Ultimatum to Illegal Miners in Sweeping Mining License Review
The Nigerian government has set a 30-day ultimatum for illegal miners to regularize their operations as part of a comprehensive transformation agenda for the mining sector. The move aims to create a more transparent and sustainable mining industry that contributes to economic growth and development. Minister of Solid Minerals, Dele Alake, made the announcement during a press conference in Abuja.

In a bid to reform the mining sector and encourage transparency and sustainability, the Nigerian government has commenced a sweeping review of mining licenses across the country. The Minister of Solid Minerals, Dele Alake, declared a 30-day ultimatum for illegal miners to regularize their operations or face stringent penalties.

The mining sector plays a vital role in Nigeria's economy, contributing significantly to revenue generation and job creation. However, the sector has been plagued by illegal mining activities, environmental degradation, and lack of transparency.

During the press conference in Abuja, Minister Alake emphasized the need to transform the mining industry into a more sustainable and accountable sector that supports economic growth and development. He stated that the review of mining licenses is part of a comprehensive agenda aimed at addressing these challenges.

"We cannot continue to allow illegal mining activities to thrive, as they undermine our efforts to boost revenue and create employment opportunities for our people. It is important for all miners, both legal and illegal, to regularize their operations and adhere to the regulations governing the sector," Minister Alake said.

Illegal mining has been a persistent problem in Nigeria, with many individuals and groups engaging in mining activities without proper licensing and regulatory oversight. These illegal miners operate in remote areas, exploiting natural resources without consideration for environmental impact or community welfare.

The 30-day ultimatum serves as a final opportunity for illegal miners to comply with the regulations and undergo the necessary processes to obtain valid mining licenses. Failure to do so within the stipulated timeframe will result in the enforcement of strict penalties, including the seizure of equipment and prosecution.

The government's move towards a more transparent mining industry is expected to attract increased investment, both local and international. By creating a level playing field and ensuring adequate regulation, Nigeria aims to establish a sustainable mining sector that not only generates revenue but also promotes environmental stewardship and social development.

The transformation agenda for the mining sector includes reviewing existing mining regulations, strengthening regulatory bodies, and adopting advanced technologies to monitor mining activities. The government also plans to collaborate with international partners to develop best practices and improve the overall governance of the industry.

The 30-day ultimatum from the Nigerian government represents a clear signal that illegal mining will no longer be tolerated. The regularizing of mining operations will contribute to a more accountable and sustainable mining industry, driving economic growth and development in Nigeria.

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