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Thu, Sep 7, 2023 9:25 PM

Architect Tosin Oshinowo: Building for a Sustainable Future in Lagos

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Architect Tosin Oshinowo: Building for a Sustainable Future in Lagos
Architect Tosin Oshinowo, the first African woman to curate the Sharjah Architecture Triennial, recently completed her first residential project in Banana Island, Lagos. The Lantern House is a sustainable home powered by solar energy. Oshinowo faced challenges due to the exclusivity of the private neighborhood, but she successfully executed her vision. She believes in creating architecture that is sustainable and responsible towards the environment. The Lantern House project showcases her commitment to meticulous attention to detail and her goal of projecting a contemporary and progressive cultural identity of Africa.

Lagos-based architect Tosin Oshinowo has made a name for herself in the field of architecture with her versatile designs and commitment to sustainability. As the first African woman to curate the Sharjah Architecture Triennial, Oshinowo continues to push boundaries and make a difference in the industry.

Her most recent accomplishment is the completion of "The Lantern House," a sustainable residential project in the exclusive Banana Island neighborhood of Lagos. This three-story home, powered entirely by solar energy, is a testament to Oshinowo's design prowess and her dedication to creating environmentally-friendly spaces.

Oshinowo and her design practice, cmDesign Atelier (cmDA), undertook the project after being contacted by the clients in September 2020. Construction began in January 2021 and concluded in October of last year. The Lantern House, a five-bedroom, seven-bathroom masterpiece, showcases Oshinowo's attention to detail and her ability to execute her vision flawlessly.

Being located on Banana Island presented its own set of challenges for Oshinowo and her team. The private, gated community enforces restricted working hours, making it difficult to meet deadlines. However, Oshinowo's meticulous approach and commitment to excellence allowed her to overcome these obstacles and deliver an outstanding result.

Banana Island, known for its exclusivity, is home to some of the most expensive properties on the African continent. The Lantern House project highlights Oshinowo's belief in creating architecture that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also sustainable and responsible towards the environment.

For Oshinowo, sustainability is not just a buzzword but a core principle of her work. She founded cmDA in 2012 with the aim of creating architecture that reflects the contemporary and progressive cultural identity of Africa. By utilizing available resources and integrating sustainable practices, Oshinowo's designs contribute to a more responsible and environmentally-conscious built environment.

Oshinowo's commitment to sustainability extends beyond her architectural projects. As the curator of the upcoming Sharjah Architecture Triennial, she has chosen the theme "The beauty of impermanence and the architecture of adaptability." This theme focuses on under-celebrated innovations in the global south that address conditions of scarcity. Oshinowo hopes that the triennial will serve as an engaging space for the international community to explore and appreciate the importance of sustainability and adaptability.

As a Black female architect practicing in West Africa, Oshinowo's work is not only relevant to her immediate context but also speaks to broader issues of equity and representation in the field of architecture. Her achievements serve as an inspiration to aspiring architects, especially women and individuals from marginalized communities, who may face additional barriers in pursuing their dreams.

Architect Tosin Oshinowo is a trailblazer in the world of architecture, showcasing the potential for sustainable design in an ever-changing global landscape. Her Lantern House project stands as a testament to her passion, creativity, and determination to build a better future for Lagos, Nigeria, and beyond.

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