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Nigeria Police Force Launches Committee to Review Firearms Licensing and Regulations

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Nigeria Police Force Launches Committee to Review Firearms Licensing and Regulations
The Nigeria Police Force has established an ad hoc committee to conduct a comprehensive review of firearms licensing and regulations. The initiative aims to enhance public safety and security in line with existing laws. The committee will collaborate with relevant stakeholders to examine and improve firearms licensing procedures. The Police Force warns against the illegal possession and proliferation of firearms and directs state commissioners and tactical squads to intensify efforts to curtail their use. Citizens are encouraged to report suspicious firearms-related activities.

The Nigeria Police Force has taken a significant step towards enhancing public safety and security by establishing an ad hoc committee focused on a comprehensive review of firearms licensing and regulations within the Force. Led by the Acting Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Kayode Egbetokun, the committee aims to improve the effectiveness, transparency, and accountability of firearms licensing procedures.

The initiative aligns with the Firearms Act and other existing laws, with the primary goal of enhancing public safety and security across the nation. The committee will meticulously assess the current licensing procedures and identify areas for improvement to ensure they are more effective in preventing illegal possession and use of firearms.

To ensure a well-informed and inclusive review process, the committee will collaborate with various stakeholders such as legal experts, civil society organizations, and field experts. The involvement of these stakeholders will provide diverse perspectives and insights necessary for a comprehensive firearms licensing review.

Acting IGP Kayode Egbetokun emphasized the importance of curbing illegal firearms possession and proliferation. He warned against the grave risks associated with the illegal fabrication, sales, possession, and use of firearms. Public safety is a top priority for the Nigeria Police Force, and these measures will contribute to maintaining peace and stability.

In line with the launch of the ad hoc committee, IGP Egbetokun has directed State Commissioners of Police, Assistant Inspectors-General in charge of Zonal Commands, and tactical squads to intensify efforts to clamp down on the illegal manufacturing, sale, possession, and use of prohibited firearms.

These law enforcement officers have been tasked with initiating a nationwide operation to curtail the illicit activities surrounding firearms. By cracking down on the illegal arms trade, the Nigeria Police Force aims to restore public confidence in the law enforcement agencies and improve overall public safety.

In light of this development, Nigerians are encouraged to report any suspicious firearms-related activities to their local police divisions or through the Nigeria Police Force's social media platforms. These reports will allow for immediate action to prevent potential threats to public safety.

Force Public Relations Officer, ACP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, reassured the public of the commitment to apprehend and prosecute offenders. The Nigeria Police Force is determined to enforce the law and take strict measures against those who violate firearms licensing regulations.

The launch of this committee comes at a time when Nigeria faces various security challenges, including kidnappings, insurgency, and banditry. By addressing firearms licensing and regulations comprehensively, the Nigeria Police Force is taking a significant step forward in ensuring public safety and restoring citizens' confidence in law enforcement agencies.

Through collaborative efforts, improved licensing procedures, and a strict clampdown on illegal firearms activities, the Nigeria Police Force aims to enhance public safety, minimize security threats, and maintain peace and stability in the country.

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