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MOVIE REVIEW: A Lot Like Love: “Whodunnit” kidnap story gone wrong

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MOVIE REVIEW: A Lot Like Love: “Whodunnit” kidnap story gone wrong
Movie Title: A lot like Love Release Date: 9 June 2023 Director: Shittu Taiwo Ru...

Movie Title: A lot like Love Release Date: 9 June 2023 Director: Shittu Taiwo Runtime: I hour, 35 minutes Cast: Adams Garba, Sophie Alakija, Ibrahim Suleiman, Rahama Sadau, and Gabriel Afolayan About a month ago, Arabel Productions released “The Two Aishas, “ a film that offered fresh elements on our screen with religious and tribal diversity

The family drama revolved around Rhamat Sadau, who played the role of one of the Aishas

The film’s relative success in storyline and cinematography contributed a fraction of excitement towards a recent project, “A Lot Like Love,” also starring Rhama Sadau

Much like Love boasts a good lineup of talented actors, with Gabriel Afolayan, Sophie Alakija, and Ibrahim Sulieman playing characters in a “Whodunnit” situation

While the film promotes diversity, the writing feels very lacklustre, as it is very predictable and bland and would leave viewers questioning if the script ever got a rewrite after the first draft

The film follows Fanna (Rahama Sadau), a workaholic who feels she is on the verge of losing her marriage

The love between her and her husband, Abdul (Ibrahim Suleman), is slowly fading due to the long working hours

To save their marriage, Fanna’s father books a paid trip to Turkey for the couple

The high hopes placed on the possibility of the trip saving their marriage soon shattered as the couple was ambushed and kidnapped

This throws Fanna into a frenzy as she tries to soothe the kidnappers, who outrageously demand two hundred and fifty thousand dollars

While trying to figure out her next step, her friend, Sadiya (Sophie Alakija), turns up

Despite sensing something is wrong, Fanna denies it due to the kidnapper’s threats to kill her husband

To unravel the truth, Sadiya calls Fanna’s ex-boyfriend, Mustapha (Gabriel Afolayan)

Through a series of forceful actions, they finally got updated on what was happening

However, their efforts to outsmart the kidnappers went futile

Frustrated by the dead ends, Mariam begins accusing Adamu, citing her reason for him being bitter that she dumped him

Mariam gave in to the kidnappers and provided the money in exchange for her husband

In a twist of fate, her husband’s freedom opened the door to secrets that would forever shake her world

The cinematography of A Lot Like Love made it watchable

Although the two elements needed more effort, it felt refreshing to watch a one-hour movie where a viewer did not have to strain their eyes as it was pretty colourful

The fashion is also applaudable and depicts the northern region, offering viewers style inspiration if they ever venture to Abuja, Kano, or even Kaduna

Simply put, the film served fashion looks for days

A Lot of Love is a disappointing project, mainly due to its predictable storyline

It was apparent from the beginning of the movie who the kidnapper was

The writer failed to take us on a journey where the viewers would be unsure of the kidnapper’s identity, thus keeping them on the edge of their seats while they basked in the mysterious goodness

The plot was also greedy, making it seem like the producers consulted early Nollywood films to get cliche ideas, like a husband who fakes his kidnap to extort money from his wealthy wife

The dialogues had no compelling effect on viewers as they were delivered without emotions and expressions; they also lacked a sense of story progression as it was possible to skip a scene and still have a relatively wholesome picture of what happened

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However, viewers could not get that as the actors offered below-par performances, shielding us from rooting for them

The only person who managed to deliver slightly is Gabriel Afolayan, whose embodiment of a Northern man is quite applaudable

Final Verdict 4/10

While it might not be a knockout, it has slowly become a guilty pleasure on our screens

A lot of love is now streaming on Netflix.

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