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Thu, Aug 24, 2023 4:40 PM

Bendel Insurance Football Club Set for Return Leg Clash in Algeria

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Bendel Insurance Football Club Set for Return Leg Clash in Algeria
Bendel Insurance Football Club is gearing up for their return leg game against Aso Chlef FC of Algeria in the CAF Confederation Cup. Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, advised the team to play better in Algeria, confident in their ability to secure a victory. The governor emphasized the importance of following the coach's instructions and game plan, reminding the team that they have remained unbeaten throughout the season.

Excitement is brewing as Bendel Insurance Football Club prepares for their highly anticipated return leg clash against Aso Chlef FC of Algeria in the CAF Confederation Cup. After securing a 1-0 victory in the first leg, the Benin Arsenals are traveling to Algeria with a home-win advantage and the support of Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki.

The team bid farewell to their fans and government officials at the Benin Airport, where Governor Obaseki shared words of encouragement. "I am sure you are prepared for the Algerian journey," the governor said. "I know that the team knows what to do and I am sure you will play better there than in Benin City because you were anxious about the home crowd."

Governor Obaseki expressed confidence in Bendel Insurance's ability to emerge victorious, highlighting the age difference between the two teams. "They are old men, and I know they don't have stamina. I am here to see you, motivate you, and ensure you are in good spirits," he declared.

Emphasizing the importance of following the team coach's instructions, Obaseki reminded the players about their unbeaten record throughout the just-concluded season in the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL). "You know you have not lost any matches this season. I know you will not lose this one, good luck," he encouraged.

As the team prepares to face Aso Chlef FC on their home turf, they enter the game with a sense of determination and purpose. Bendel Insurance Football Club understands the significance of this encounter and the opportunity it presents to make their fans proud.

With the guidance of Coach Monday Odigie, who has been instrumental in their success, the team is confident in their game plan. The coach's strategies have been effective throughout the season, and the players will undoubtedly follow his lead in the upcoming match.

The return leg clash in Algeria carries immense weight for Bendel Insurance Football Club. Not only is it an opportunity to progress further in the CAF Confederation Cup, but it also symbolizes the dedication and hard work of the entire team and coaching staff.

Reflecting on the forthcoming game, Governor Obaseki assured the players that something special awaits them upon their return. "Something is waiting for you when you return from Algeria, just put in your best and make us all proud," he revealed.

Bendel Insurance Football Club's journey in the CAF Confederation Cup has captured the attention and support of fans across the state. As they face Aso Chlef FC in a test of skill, determination, and endurance, the team carries the hopes and aspirations of an entire community.

With their unbeaten streak intact and the governor's words of encouragement ringing in their ears, Bendel Insurance Football Club is prepared to give their all in the return leg clash. Victory is within reach, and the Benin Arsenals will stop at nothing to bring joy and pride to their loyal supporters.

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