Sat, Apr 29, 2023 1:23 PM

IoT, Power & Water Set to Revolutionise Industrial Sector

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IoT, Power & Water Set to Revolutionise Industrial Sector
One of Asia’s greatest platforms is set to host th...

One of Asia’s greatest platforms is set to host their highly anticipated events ‘Power & Water Nigeria’ and ‘IoT West Africa’, scheduled for July 4-6, at Landmark Centre, Lagos, Nigeria

Power & Water and IoT have been a part of the initiatives commenced by the Nigerian government to facilitate advancement

IoT possesses the potential to revolutionise the industrial sector

Vertex Next is organising a three-day conclave with two big events focusing on digitally reliant operating models, bridging the physical and digital world

The IoT market projects to grow in West Africa and has limitless potential and opportunity for growth

The event will be highlighting game-changing technologies and brilliant innovations, allowing exploration of the latest developments and best practices

The Managing Director of Vertex Next, Mr. Shitij Taneja stated, “The ever-evolving business environment and challenges call for technological transformation and digitally reliant operating models

The comeback of IoT will allow innovators and experts to share expertise and emerging trends to mentor African technological transformation, making way for Blockchain Technology, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and more

Our cutting-edge platforms are designed to ensure that the buying experience in the industry is fired up with learning experiences and provides quick access to the latest solutions in the sector

” Nigeria’s economy and infrastructure have been growing at an exponential rate with a population of about 219 million and is often considered to be the largest and most dynamic economy in the African continent with a GDP of $1

082 trillion in 2022

082 trillion in 2022

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