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Wed, Jul 26, 2023 5:55 AM

Nigeria's Electricity Tariff Hike: Adding Insult to Injury

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Nigeria's Electricity Tariff Hike: Adding Insult to Injury
As Nigerians are still reeling from the effects of the recent fuel subsidy removal, the proposed electricity tariff hike comes as another blow. Despite President Tinubu's promises of remedial measures and palliatives, the masses are left burdened and disappointed. This article criticizes the government's lack of understanding of the people's plight and calls for a postponement of the tariff hike until genuine improvements in the power sector are made.

In recent times, Nigerians have been dealt a series of harsh blows that have left them grappling with the gory and unpleasant realities of a collapsing economy. The removal of fuel subsidy, as admitted by President Tinubu, has already burdened the masses, forcing them to make sacrifices for the sake of the nation's survival.

However, it seems that the government's promises of palliatives and improved living conditions were nothing more than empty words. The proposed hike in electricity tariffs by the Power Holding Electricity Distribution Company is a slap in the face of the already suffering Nigerians.

President Tinubu's acknowledgment of the pain inflicted on the people was supposed to be followed by concrete actions to alleviate their suffering. Instead, the government has shown a complete disregard for the excruciating burdens faced by the masses.

The planned tariff hike of electricity supply is ill-timed and insensitive to the plight of the Nigerian people. It is evident that the power distribution companies have not fulfilled their obligations and failed to demonstrate corresponding performances that would justify such an increase.

The promised mass deployment of meters for accurate billing has proven to be nothing but a mirage, as old and obsolete meters remain in use despite directives to replace them. The power company should prioritize improving the quality of its services and comply with regulatory orders before considering any tariff revisions.

Adding insult to injury, the burden on the masses has already reached unbearable levels. The removal of fuel subsidies has unleashed a wave of inflation, leaving the people struggling to make ends meet. The proposed electricity tariff hike only serves to exacerbate their hardships.

The Federal Government needs to walk the talk and fulfill its promises. There should be a regular, reliable power supply before any consideration of tariff increases. President Tinubu must prevail upon the Power Holding Electricity Distribution Company to postpone the planned hike and take immediate steps to improve the power sector.

The National Assembly also bears the responsibility of protecting the rights of consumers. It is imperative for them to rise to the occasion and defend the interests of the Nigerian people.

Nigerians are tired of broken promises and empty rhetoric. The government must prioritize the welfare of its citizens and demonstrate a genuine commitment to improving their lives. Postponing the electricity tariff hike is the least they can do to alleviate the burdens faced by the masses.

The time for action is now. President Tinubu and the government must act decisively and offer real solutions to the economic and social challenges facing the nation. Nigerians deserve better, and it is high time the government delivered on its promises.

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