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Sat, Sep 2, 2023 11:10 PM

Prof Wole Soyinka Defends Isese Worship, Calls for Mutual Respect

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Prof Wole Soyinka Defends Isese Worship, Calls for Mutual Respect
Nobel Laureate Prof Wole Soyinka has defended Isese worship, emphasizing the need for mutual respect and the value of human life. He thanked those who supported Isese Day and called on all to recognize the divine essence in humanity. Soyinka condemned acts of violence and urged justice for victims. He also highlighted the importance of religious tolerance and the need to separate true beliefs from sinister cults.

Nobel Laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka, has responded to the controversy surrounding Isese worship, asserting that this traditional religion preaches mutual respect and upholds the sanctity of human life. In a press statement, Soyinka thanked all those who stood in solidarity with Isese worshippers and recognized their right to practice their beliefs. He also commended state governors who declared holidays to mark Isese Day, showcasing their commitment to religious diversity and inclusivity.

Isese Day, celebrated annually on August 20, is not merely a one-day observance but a constant reminder of the divine essence that permeates humanity. According to Soyinka, this awareness fosters harmonious coexistence among individuals, transcending barriers of pedigree, borders, class, politics, social mechanisms, and cultures.

Emphasizing the core principles of Isese, Soyinka underlined the importance of mutual respect while unequivocally condemning acts of violence, such as the recent brutal killing of Deborah Samuel. He called for justice to be served, ensuring that the perpetrators are held accountable and that the victim's family, community, and the nation find closure.

Contrary to misconceptions, Isese is not engaged in a rivalry with other religious beliefs. Soyinka clarified that Isese is open to those who are curious, intrigued, and even those who may hold different beliefs. The freedom to explore diverse spiritual paths, without persecution or coercion, is an essential element of Isese's teachings.

Addressing those who confuse true religions with sinister cults, Soyinka exposed the malignant nature of such cults. He described them as distorted offshoots of established beliefs, inflicting harm and distorting the fundamental purpose of spirituality. Symbols, such as religious statues, serve as focal points for connecting with the ineffable, rather than objects of worship in themselves.

Soyinka urged seekers of wisdom to remain steadfast, allowing detractors the opportunity to experience a personal awakening. He highlighted that the genuine paths leading to wisdom will endure, beckoning individuals in their quest for truth and fostering the creation of an enlightened community based on shared values and respect.

The words of Prof. Wole Soyinka carry substantial weight and serve as a reminder to society that the pursuit of spiritual fulfillment should not impede the principle of respect for all individuals, regardless of their beliefs. His call for justice, coupled with a plea for tolerance and understanding, contributes to the growth of a more inclusive and harmonious society.

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