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NLC and TUC Protest in Kebbi State Capital

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NLC and TUC Protest in Kebbi State Capital
Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and Trade Union Congress (TUC) held a symbolic protest in Kebbi State capital, Birnin Kebbi, against the removal of fuel subsidies. The protesters demanded palliatives, improved welfare for workers, and a pay rise. The deputy governor assured them that their demands would be met, as soon as the state receives palliatives from the federal government.

In a show of solidarity, the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and Trade Union Congress (TUC) gathered in the Kebbi State capital, Birnin Kebbi, to protest against the removal of fuel subsidies. However, instead of marching, the protesters stationed themselves at the Cabinet Office, holding placards with various inscriptions.

The acting Chairman of the NLC, Comrade Kelani Abdulwaliyu, led the peaceful protest and later delivered the Union's message to the Deputy Governor's office. Addressing the gathered protesters, Comrade Abdulwaliyu outlined their demands, which included palliatives as pledged by the federal government, improved welfare for workers, and a pay rise.

Responding on behalf of the state governor, the Deputy Governor of Kebbi State, Umar Abubakar Tafida, assured the protesters that their demands would be met. He explained that the state is yet to receive palliatives from the federal government but emphasized that as soon as they are received, a committee would be set up to disburse them accordingly. He further assured the protesters that Governor Idris, himself a former union member, understands their plight and will take the necessary actions.

The symbolic protest aimed to draw attention to the concerns of workers and the impact of the fuel subsidy removal on their livelihoods. The NLC and TUC have been advocating for palliatives to cushion the effect of the subsidy removal, as well as improved welfare policies and a pay increase.

It is commendable that the state government acknowledges the importance of addressing these concerns. The deputy governor's assurance of meeting the demands of the protesters reflects the government's commitment to prioritize the well-being of workers and fulfill its obligations.

While the lack of a traditional march may have limited the visibility of the protest to some extent, the symbolic gathering at the Cabinet Office effectively conveyed the message of the unions. The essence of the protest was captured through the placards held by the protesters, expressing their expectations and concerns.

As the government awaits the palliatives from the federal government, it is crucial that they expedite the process of disbursing them once received. Workers across the state eagerly await relief measures that can help alleviate the hardships caused by the subsidy removal. Timely action in this regard will instill confidence in the government's responsiveness and commitment to the welfare of its citizens.

Furthermore, it is important for the government to engage in meaningful dialogue with unions and workers' representatives to develop comprehensive welfare policies and address long-standing concerns. Collaboration and mutual understanding will contribute to a harmonious working environment and improved living standards for the workers.

In conclusion, the symbolic protest by the NLC and TUC in Birnin Kebbi served as a powerful reminder of the legitimate demands of workers in Kebbi State. Their call for palliatives, improved welfare, and a pay rise resonates with workers across the nation. It is now the responsibility of the government to swiftly fulfill these demands, ensuring the well-being and dignity of its workforce.

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