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Fri, Sep 1, 2023 3:10 PM

Delta State Government Targets 100,000 New Enrollees in the Contributory Health Scheme

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Delta State Government Targets 100,000 New Enrollees in the Contributory Health Scheme
The Delta State government has set a new target of enrolling 100,000 individuals into the State Contributory Health Scheme. This initiative aims to improve access to affordable healthcare for all citizens, aligning with the Sustainable Development Goal 3. With just N7,000, individuals can secure comprehensive health coverage for a year, including free primary and secondary care services and select surgical procedures. The government's efforts to expand healthcare coverage demonstrate their commitment to the well-being of its citizens.

Warri - The Delta State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Joseph Onojaeme, announced a laudable initiative aimed at achieving widespread healthcare inclusion in the state. To commemorate Governor Sheriff Oborevwori's 100 days in office, the Ministry of Health aims to enroll an additional 100,000 individuals into the State Contributory Health Scheme. This step forward is expected to enhance access to quality healthcare for all residents, aligning with the Sustainable Development Goal 3 - ensuring health and well-being for all citizens.

Dr. Onojaeme highlighted the affordability of the health insurance cover, which is available for only N7,000 per person annually. This fee covers primary and secondary healthcare services, including free surgeries such as Appendectomy, Herniorrhaphy, and other minor procedures. Individuals are required to renew their coverage after one year of enrollment.

It is commendable that the state's government already provides free medical care for children under 5 years and pregnant women. These services include cesarean sessions and other maternal complications. With the new initiative, the government aims to extend comprehensive healthcare coverage to a larger population.

Dr. Onojaeme called upon various stakeholders, including philanthropists, traditional rulers, religious leaders, and political office holders, to sponsor their constituents and followers. This sponsorship will enable more individuals to access free primary and secondary healthcare services. The commissioner set an excellent example by personally registering one thousand individuals from the informal sector into the scheme. This initiative will significantly improve healthcare accessibility within the state.

Delta State has become a leading example in contributory health insurance, with over 1,441,109 enrollees. Among them, 1,261,806 individuals are covered under the equity plan, including pregnant women, nursing mothers, and children under five. The formal sector accounts for 158,462 enrollees, while the informal sector comprises 20,841 enrollees. Notably, children under 5 account for 769,367 enrollees, maternal enrollees are 492,174, and the elderly comprise 265 enrollees.

The state government's commitment to expanding healthcare coverage demonstrates its dedication to the well-being of its citizens. By providing affordable and comprehensive health insurance, Delta State is ensuring that its people have access to vital medical services without financial constraints. This initiative not only safeguards the health of individuals but also contributes to the overall development and progress of the state.

The Delta State government invites all residents to take advantage of the contributory health scheme and secure their well-being. By enrolling in this comprehensive insurance, individuals can enjoy quality healthcare services, including essential surgeries, and ensure their peace of mind. Together, let us create a healthier and more prosperous Delta State.

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