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Cross River State Government Allocates 100,000 Hectares of Land for Cassava Production

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Cross River State Government Allocates 100,000 Hectares of Land for Cassava Production
The Cross River State Government, led by Governor Bassey Otu, has allocated a substantial 100,000 hectares of land for cassava production and other agricultural programs in the state. This proclamation was made during a Cassava Value Chain Stakeholders' Workshop, emphasizing the importance of mass production of this crop to enhance the nation's GDP. The event aimed to boost cassava productivity among smallholder farmers while facilitating connections with the industry for a sustainable value chain system. It also sought to develop a comprehensive strategy, integrating cassava into the broader national agricultural framework.

Governor Bassey Otu of Cross River State demonstrated his commitment to the agricultural sector by allocating 100,000 hectares of land for cassava production and other agricultural programs. This significant initiative was announced during a recent Cassava Value Chain Stakeholders' Workshop held in Calabar, the state capital.

Represented by the Commissioner for Crops and Irrigation Development, Johnson Ebokpo, Governor Otu encouraged farmers to engage in mass cassava production, stressing the significant impact it would have on the nation's Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

As part of the state's efforts to ensure food security and improve overall crop productivity, a comprehensive digital soil and fertility mapping exercise has been commissioned. This exercise will benefit all crops and guarantee reliable data for efficient agricultural planning and development.

Highlighting the immense potential of cassava production, Commissioner Ebokpo stated, "In 2019, China exported over four million tonnes of cassava and its related products, while the United States and Japan exported 1.5 million tonnes and one million tonne, respectively. As Nigeria serves as the business nerve center of Africa, we cannot underestimate the enormous benefits that can be derived from the extensive production of cassava."

The Commissioner further emphasized the need to create a conducive environment for cassava farmers and leverage untapped opportunities within the agricultural sector to achieve desired goals. Cross River State's Ministry of Crops and Irrigation Development will collaborate with stakeholders from various sectors, welcoming investments in agro-businesses. This collaboration is vital in ensuring the sustainability of cassava production strategies within the state.

The workshop featured a keynote address from the Chief Executive Officer of the National Root Crops Research Institute, Prof. Chiedozie Egesi. He highlighted the primary objective of the workshop, which was to enhance cassava productivity among smallholder farmers and facilitate their integration into the cassava value chain system.

Prof. Egesi revealed that the recommendations arising from the workshop will aid the development of an executable and feasible framework for the cassava component. This framework will be integrated into the broader-based national strategy targeting five key crops, including wheat, maize, rice, soybean, and cassava.

This bold initiative by the Cross River State Government offers immense prospects for farmers and agriculture enthusiasts in the region. The allocation of such a substantial amount of land for cassava production demonstrates the state's dedication to improving the agricultural sector's performance, boosting the economy, and enhancing food security.

It is encouraging to witness the commitment of Governor Bassey Otu and his administration to harnessing the incredible potential of cassava. Through collaborative efforts, sustainable strategies, and technological advancements, Cross River State has laid a solid foundation for a prosperous and thriving agricultural sector.

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