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Wed, Aug 30, 2023 6:20 PM

Mzough U Tiv Calls on Federal Government to Dredge River Benue and Construct Dam

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Mzough U Tiv Calls on Federal Government to Dredge River Benue and Construct Dam
Mzough U Tiv has urged the Federal Government to dredge the River Benue and construct a dam in Benue State to address the issue of incessant flooding and boost development in the region. The Tiv socio-cultural organisation believes that these measures will not only contain flooding but also enhance water transportation and establish a seaport, making the state a hub of commercial activities.

Makurdi - The Mzough U Tiv (MUT) worldwide has called on the Federal Government to dredge the River Benue as part of efforts to check incessant flooding in Benue State.

The Tiv socio-cultural organisation, in a congratulatory message to the Minister of Water Resources and Sanitation, Professor Joseph Utsev, expressed their appreciation for the appointment of one of their own as a minister and outlined their suggestions to tackle the flooding challenges in the state.

One of their recommendations is the dredging of River Benue, which they believe will not only mitigate the impact of flooding but also boost water transportation in the country. Additionally, they propose the construction of a dam at Sati Ikov in Ushongo Local Government Area to further contain flooding and promote socio-economic development in Benue State.

Dredging the River Benue holds the potential to make Benue a hub of commercial activities in the country. By improving water transportation, it will facilitate trade and commerce within and beyond the state. Furthermore, the establishment of a seaport in Makurdi would not only enhance economic growth but also attract investments and create employment opportunities.

The Mzough U Tiv pledged their support to President Tinubu and Professor Utsev in ensuring they fulfill their social contract with Nigerians. They emphasized the importance of these infrastructure projects in actualizing the administration's promises.

The issue of flooding in Benue State has been a major concern, leading to the displacement of communities, destruction of properties, and loss of lives. By taking proactive measures such as dredging the River Benue and constructing a dam, the government can effectively manage these recurring disasters and protect the livelihoods of the people.

Moreover, the development of infrastructure in the state will improve the overall socio-economic conditions, attracting investments and fostering economic growth. It will also provide opportunities for local businesses to thrive and contribute to the nation's economy.

The MUT's call for action on dredging the River Benue and constructing a dam demonstrates their commitment to the welfare and progress of Benue State. As an influential socio-cultural organization, their recommendations carry weight and highlight the urgent need for these projects.

In conclusion,

The Mzough U Tiv worldwide has urged the Federal Government to prioritize the dredging of the River Benue and the construction of a dam in Benue State. These measures are essential for mitigating flooding, enhancing water transportation, and boosting socio-economic development in the state. By addressing these challenges, the government can solidify its commitment to the people, stimulate economic growth, and pave the way for a brighter future for Benue State.

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