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Fri, Sep 1, 2023 11:05 AM

Rotary Club of Ikoyi Donates Hospital Materials to Sickle Cell Foundation in Lagos

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Rotary Club of Ikoyi Donates Hospital Materials to Sickle Cell Foundation in Lagos
The Rotary Club of Ikoyi in Lagos has generously donated hospital materials to the Sickle Cell Foundation's Leg Ulcer Unit in Idi-Araba Lagos. This donation aims to support the foundation in its mission to provide free healthcare services to Nigerians. The gesture is part of the club's commitment to corporate social responsibility, and it marks the beginning of a promising partnership between the club and the foundation.

The Rotary Club of Ikoyi, renowned for its community service initiatives, has made a heartwarming donation to the Sickle Cell Foundation's Leg Ulcer Unit in Idi-Araba Lagos. The donation, which consists of various hospital materials, including Gauze Roll, Cutting Wool, Purit Solutions, and Gloves, was handed over to Dr. (Mrs) Annette Akinsete, the CEO and National Director of the Sickle Cell Foundation Nigeria, on behalf of the club.

During the presentation ceremony, Rotarian Funsho Gbogboade, the Club President, expressed the club's admiration for the foundation's efforts in providing crucial healthcare services to Nigerians as part of their corporate social responsibility. Gbogboade highlighted the strong parallels between the club's values and the foundation's commitment to uplifting the health and well-being of the community.

Dr. Annette Akinsete, in her response, conveyed her deep appreciation for the Rotary Club of Ikoyi and other Rotary clubs in the district for their unwavering support over the years. She acknowledged the foundation's longstanding relationship with the club and praised their continued dedication to making a difference. Akinsete emphasized the significance of this partnership, urging the club to further strengthen its association with the foundation by providing more support in the future.

The Sickle Cell Foundation Nigeria, the first of its kind in the country, offers free healthcare services to those in need, particularly within the Leg Ulcer Unit. This vital service ensures individuals affected by sickle cell disease receive the specialized care they require without the burden of financial constraints.

The Rotary Club of Ikoyi's donation of essential hospital materials will undoubtedly enhance the foundation's ability to deliver quality care to its patients. The club's commitment to improving healthcare in the community aligns perfectly with the foundation's mission, fostering a collaborative relationship that promises even more remarkable contributions in the future.

As a result of this promising partnership, Dr. Annette Akinsete suggested that representatives from the foundation be invited to speak at the club, further strengthening the bond between the organizations. This exchange of ideas and experiences will deepen understanding, promote awareness, and allow the club members to witness the impact of their support firsthand.

The Rotary Club of Ikoyi's donation is not only an act of benevolence but a tangible demonstration of their belief in the foundation's vision and the importance of healthcare accessibility for all. By providing hospital materials vital to the foundation's work, the Rotary Club of Ikoyi has reaffirmed its commitment to making a lasting difference in the lives of individuals affected by sickle cell disease.

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