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Thu, Sep 7, 2023 4:05 PM

NFF's Decision to Retain Jose Peseiro: A Dubious Move says Nigerian Legend Christian Chukwu

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NFF's Decision to Retain Jose Peseiro: A Dubious Move says Nigerian Legend Christian Chukwu
Former Nigerian national football team coach, Christian Chukwu, criticizes the decision of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) to extend the contract of Super Eagles' coach, Jose Peseiro. Chukwu believes Peseiro's underwhelming performance and lack of success during his first term do not justify the renewal. He questions the NFF's judgment and expresses concern about the ultimatum given to the coach for the upcoming African Cup of Nations.

In what can be deemed a contentious move, the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) has decided to retain Jose Peseiro as the coach of the Super Eagles for another year - a decision that has drawn criticisms from Nigerian football legend, Christian Chukwu.

Peseiro, a foreign coach, was given the opportunity to lead the Nigerian national team following a disappointing stint in his first term, where his record showcased a lackluster performance. Chukwu strongly believes that the decision to extend Peseiro's contract was not wise and that the NFF should have explored other options.

Reflecting on Peseiro's track record, Chukwu voiced his concerns, stating, "How can a foreign coach lose six matches and win only four? It's of no use actually, he's not living with us, so many things are going wrong, but the people who employed him think he is fine."

Chukwu's skepticism towards Peseiro's reappointment stems from the coach's inability to achieve significant success during his initial tenure. The former coach believes that Peseiro failed to utilize his first term effectively, leading to a higher number of failures than successes.

The NFF has set the expectation that Peseiro should lead the Super Eagles to at least the semifinals of the next African Cup of Nations. However, Chukwu dismisses the ultimatum as unnecessary and even ridiculous, questioning the lack of confidence and trust in the coach from the NFF.

Chukwu explained, "Every coach is aspiring to be a champion in any competition, so he must aspire to be the champion, not even getting to the semi-final. Every coach that brings their team to a competition must target winning the competition, not even getting to the semi-final. So if we give him a semi-final or quarter-final ultimatum, it means they are not sure of the coach, neither do they trust him. Then why renew his term?"

The strong words from the Nigerian legend highlight the perceived lack of faith in Peseiro's ability to guide the Super Eagles to glory. Chukwu believes that instead of settling for mediocrity, the NFF should have considered alternatives and sought out a coach who demonstrated better potential.

As the debate over Peseiro's reappointment continues, Nigerian football fans eagerly await the upcoming African Cup of Nations, questioning whether the decision to retain Peseiro will ultimately prove fruitful.

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