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Fri, Sep 8, 2023 10:45 PM

FCT Minister Urges Area Council Chairmen to Establish Surveillance Committees to Tackle Insecurity

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FCT Minister Urges Area Council Chairmen to Establish Surveillance Committees to Tackle Insecurity
The Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyesom Wike, has advised the Chairmen of the six Area Councils in FCT to constitute a Surveillance Committee in their respective councils to curb insecurity. He emphasized the need for collaboration and a working synergy to address the challenges faced by the area councils such as inadequate funds, sanitation issues, illegal mining, and land allocation. Wike also assured the chairmen of his support and commitment to inclusive development of the capital territory.

The Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyesom Wike, has urged the Chairmen of the six Area Councils in FCT to establish Surveillance Committees in their respective councils in order to tackle the issue of insecurity. Wike gave this advice during a familiarisation meeting in Abuja on Thursday, where the councils' chairmen highlighted their major challenges.

In response to the issues raised by the chairmen, Wike stressed the importance of the surveillance committees in checking insecurity and activities related to illegal mining. He acknowledged that such activities create avenues for insecurity in the communities. The minister promised to call for an emergency security meeting with the Director, Department State Services, and the Commissioner of Police, FCT Command, to address the concerns.

The Chairman of Kwali Area Council, Mr Danladi Chiya, expressed concerns over inadequate funds, sanitation, public transportation, land allocation, and the rising incidents of kidnappings in the area councils. He specifically highlighted an incident where 19 persons were kidnapped in Bwari Area Council on the same day. Chiya appealed to the minister for immediate assistance.

Land allocation challenges were also brought to the attention of the minister. Mr John Gabaya, Chairman of Bwari Area Council, emphasized the need for the council chairmen to be involved in the land allocation and development processes to ensure proper monitoring. He revealed instances where people's backyards, graveyards, and even churches were being allocated to individuals.

The Chairman of Kuje Area Council, Mr Abdullahi Sabo, further raised concerns about the menace of illegal miners in the area councils, presenting illegal mining as a security threat. He cited a tragic incident where approximately 30 lives were lost due to a landslide in one of the mining sites. Investigations revealed that the miners did not possess the required mining license.

Addressing the issues, Wike emphasized the importance of collaboration and working together for the interest of the people. He called for the support and cooperation of the council chairmen, acknowledging that achievements cannot be attained without their involvement.

The minister advised the chairmen to make prudent use of the available resources and assured them that the funds due to the area councils would be provided under his watch. He also emphasized the need for a working synergy with the area councils to improve sanitation in the city.

Speaking on the issue of land allocation, Wike explained that, by law, land allocation falls under the purview of the FCT Administration. He, however, agreed with the council chairmen on the importance of involving them in the development process to keep a watchful eye on the allocated lands.

On the matter of illegal mining, Wike assured the chairmen that he would discuss the issue with the Minister of Solid Minerals, Mr Dele Alake, to address the problem of illegal mining in the FCT.

In conclusion, Wike reassured the chairmen of his commitment to change the current challenges faced by the area councils. He emphasized the need for collaboration, support, and inclusive development to create a safe and prosperous capital territory.

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