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Tue, Sep 5, 2023 6:45 PM

Group Appeals to FG to Renew Tantita Security Services Contract

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Group Appeals to FG to Renew Tantita Security Services Contract
A group known as South-South Professionals & Transparency Initiative (SSPTI) has called on the Federal Government not to give in to cheap blackmail aimed at obstructing the renewal of Tantita Security Services' contract. The group highlighted the significant progress made in curbing crude oil theft and illegal oil trade in the Niger Delta region since Tantita took charge of pipeline surveillance in 2022. They dismissed the blackmailers as enemies of the nation and the region.

Warri - The South-South Professionals & Transparency Initiative (SSPTI) has urged the Federal Government to ignore the ongoing attempts to blackmail the renewal of Tantita Security Services' contract. The group commended the outfit for its effective policing of critical assets in the region and appealed for the renewal of the Tantita pipeline surveillance contract.

In a statement signed by Dr. Ugochukwu Alozie (chairman) and Engr. Kayode Ayomide (publicity secretary), SSPTI described those seeking to undermine the contract renewal as enemies of the nation, specifically targeting the South-South region. The group defended their case for renewing the Tantita contract based on statistical evidence of crude oil theft in the Niger Delta waterways over the past decade.

According to the statement, prior to Tantita's appointment in 2022, pipeline vandalism and illegal oil trade were rampant in the region. However, since the award of the security contract, there has been a significant reduction in such activities, as demonstrated by available data.

The South-South Professionals & Transparency Initiative (SSPTI) is an organization comprising professionals from various fields residing in the Niger Delta region. The group is dedicated to promoting good governance, transparency, and accountability of public funds, as well as ensuring the protection of critical national assets.

The statement read, "We have observed with great concern the recent wave of blackmail, falsehood, and personal and political interests surrounding the renewal of the pipelines surveillance contract awarded to Tantita Security Services. We firmly believe that it is time to put an end to the desperate efforts of certain individuals and groups seeking to hijack the security contract for selfish reasons."

SSPTI alleged that newly appointed ministers and lawmakers from the South-South region, alongside some self-serving ex-militants who have close ties to President Bola Tinubu, are involved in orchestrating the blackmail. These individuals reportedly aim to either hijack the contract or secure a significant percentage for their personal gain.

The group further claimed that influential figures within the present administration are collaborating with a faction of the military to undermine the Tantita operatives who have been uncompromising in curbing illicit oil deals along the creeks.

Providing evidence to support their stance, SSPTI highlighted the substantial reduction in illegal oil deals in the region since Tantita assumed control of the surveillance contract. Despite the intimidating presence of the military in the Niger Delta, cases of crude oil theft rose embarrassingly prior to Tantita's involvement.

SSPTI's statement concluded with an appeal to President Bola Tinubu, who serves as the substantive Minister of Petroleum, to resist any pressure or influence against renewing the Tantita Security Services contract. They emphasized the need to sustain the improvements in the nation's crude oil production capacity and protect the coastal environment from severe pollution resulting from illegal bunkering activities.

The group characterized those opposing the contract renewal as enemies of the region, with intentions to revive extensive illegal bunkering in collaboration with local and international partners. SSPTI called on the government to prioritize the collective well-being of the region by ensuring a secure environment for critical assets and safeguarding the nation's resources.

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