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Mon, Jul 24, 2023 7:40 PM

Edo State Governor Plans to Boost Tourism with Four-Star Hotel Project

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Edo State Governor Plans to Boost Tourism with Four-Star Hotel Project
The Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, has announced plans to develop a four-star hotel project in Benin City to enhance the State's tourism sector. The project aims to attract sporting competitions, film festivals, and art exhibitions while creating employment opportunities and boosting economic growth. Construction is set to commence in July 2023 and is expected to complete before the end of Obaseki's administration in 2024. The governor emphasized the need for adequate accommodation to meet international standards and secure the rights to host various events.

The Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, has unveiled an ambitious plan to catalyze the growth of tourism in the State with the development of a four-star hotel project. The project, known as the Edo State Radisson Hotel Project (ESRH), will be located in the capital city of Benin. This initiative aims to boost the State's tourism receipts and enhance its chances of hosting prestigious sporting competitions and international events such as film festivals and art exhibitions.

During a press briefing in Benin City, Governor Obaseki expressed his optimism about the impact of the hotel project on the State's economy. He stated that the completion of the N19.6bn ($47.6 million) ESRH before the end of his administration in 2024 would redefine the hospitality sector in Edo State. Moreover, it would create numerous employment opportunities for residents and drive economic growth.

The governor highlighted a critical reason why the State has struggled to secure the rights to host international sporting events in the past – the lack of suitable accommodations that meet the standards set by governing bodies for gymnastics, swimming, track, and other sports. With the development of the ESRH, Governor Obaseki hopes to eliminate this limitation, thus increasing the State's chances of hosting these events.

"The need for this project can't be overemphasized. Our goal as a government is to complete the project before leaving office in 2024," stated Governor Obaseki. "With the right team, procurement processes, and partners, this is possible."

The financing for the ESRH project is currently being arranged. Governor Obaseki confidently asserted that the project would pay for itself in less than five years. He recognized the significance of timely decision-making and efficient procurement processes to ensure the project's success. The government remains committed to transparency and accountability in handling public funds allocated to this development.

The ESRH hotel project holds immense potential for Edo State's tourism sector. Its completion will not only increase the State's attractiveness to tourists but also provide a much-needed economic boost. Furthermore, it will open doors to numerous opportunities for holding international events, bringing global recognition to the State.

Edo State boasts a rich cultural heritage and natural beauty, making it an ideal destination for both domestic and international tourists. By investing in infrastructure like the ESRH, the State government recognizes the need to capitalize on these assets and create an environment that fosters growth in the tourism industry.

The hotel project signifies Edo State's commitment to positioning itself as a premier tourism destination in Nigeria and Africa. The hospitality sector can expect a significant transformation with the establishment of a four-star hotel meeting international standards. This development will not only serve as a hub for tourists but also generate revenue, create employment, and stimulate economic activities.

As construction of the ESRH is set to commence on July 27, 2023, stakeholders eagerly anticipate witnessing the realization of Governor Obaseki's vision for a thriving tourism sector in Edo State.

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