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Mon, Sep 4, 2023 7:50 PM

Lagos State Police Command Foils Bank Robbery Attempt in Oko Oba

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Lagos State Police Command Foils Bank Robbery Attempt in Oko Oba
The Lagos State Police Command has successfully intercepted armed men attempting to rob a bank in Oko Oba, Lagos. One suspect has been apprehended and is currently in custody. The police are yet to provide an update on the investigation into the incident. In a related development, the Ogun state police command has arrested a notorious robber who implicated a police officer in supplying guns and ammunition to his gang.

The Lagos State Police Command has once again demonstrated its commitment to keeping residents of Lagos safe by swiftly foiling a bank robbery attempt in the Oko Oba area. Reports indicate that some armed men tried to break into a bank located in Maplewood Estate in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The suspects were reportedly attempting to force their way into the banking hall by breaking the security doors. However, the prompt response of the police operatives prevented the robbery from taking place.

A distress call was received by the Lagos State Police Command at 4:20 a.m., alerting them to the situation at hand. Acting swiftly, the police were able to apprehend one of the suspected gunmen at the scene of the incident. The suspect is currently under the custody of the Lagos State Police Command.

The photos from the scene of the attempted robbery clearly show the vandalized bank security door, indicating the determination of the armed men to gain access to the banking hall.

While the Lagos State Police Command has not provided any updates on whether an investigation will commence or if the arrested suspect will be arraigned and prosecuted, it is expected that the State Criminal Investigation Division (CID) will take over the case and conduct a thorough investigation.

Meanwhile, in a separate incident, the Ogun state police command has made a significant arrest in the Ijebu-ode - Benin Highway. A notorious robber, who has been causing unrest in the area, was apprehended. However, what makes this arrest particularly noteworthy is the suspect's confession, implicating a police officer known as Inspector Ola.

According to the suspect's statement, Inspector Ola has been supplying guns and ammunition to the robber and his gang, enabling them to carry out their criminal activities. This revelation raises concerns about the involvement of law enforcement officers in supporting criminal elements.

The Ogun state police command is expected to thoroughly investigate the claims made by the suspect and take appropriate action against any officer found to be involved in criminal activities.

The successful interception of the bank robbery attempt in Lagos and the subsequent arrest in Ogun state are positive indications of the dedication and effectiveness of the Nigerian police force in addressing criminal activities. The public can take some comfort in knowing that law enforcement agencies are actively working towards maintaining peace and security in the society.

As investigations into both incidents progress, it is crucial for the public to remain vigilant and cooperate with the police by providing any relevant information that could aid in bringing culprits to justice.

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