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Mon, Aug 7, 2023 7:20 PM

Former President of CIPM Retires from Kewalram-Chanrai Group: A Tribute of Leadership and Generosity

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Former President of CIPM Retires from Kewalram-Chanrai Group: A Tribute of Leadership and Generosity
New Light Baptist Church (NLBC) pays tribute to Mr. Victor Eburajolo, former President of CIPM, as he retires from Kewalram-Chanrai Group. Known for his leadership and generosity, Eburajolo's impressive career was celebrated by his church community. The article highlights his qualities as a leader, his commitment to his family, and his message to Nigerian leaders to prioritize responsibilities over powers.

Lagos - The New Light Baptist Church (NLBC) recently held a retirement ceremony to honor Mr. Victor Eburajolo, the former President and Chairman of Council of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria (CIPM). After a distinguished career, Eburajolo retired from his position as the Group Deputy Managing Director of Kewalram-Chanrai Group, a reputable conglomerate with over 110 years of experience in various sectors.

Eburajolo's retirement was not only a significant milestone in his professional journey but also a moment of celebration for his church community. Members of the NLBC described him as a leader with exceptional qualities, highlighting his God-fearing nature, humility, and outstanding generosity.

According to the NLBC members, Eburajolo possessed a unique ability to connect with individuals of all levels within an organization. He was known for his resilience and demonstrated the capacity to overcome challenges with grace and composure, never holding onto anger or resentment.

The accolades continued as the wife of the celebrant, Mrs. Eburajolo, expressed her admiration for her husband's unwavering support and commitment to their family. She described him as a wonderful husband and father, always striving to ensure their well-being and actively supporting them in various ways.

One notable aspect of Eburajolo's character highlighted by Mrs. Eburajolo was his determination not to allow financial constraints to hinder educational opportunities for others. He firmly believed in providing access to education for all, never wanting to witness someone unable to attend school due to financial limitations.

Eburajolo's impassioned remarks centered on the need for Nigerian leaders to prioritize their responsibilities over accumulating power. He shared his vision of a better Nigeria, emphasizing that the nation would only progress if leaders truly understood and embraced their roles in society.

Calling for a generation of leaders who would uplift and mentor others, Eburajolo distinguished between a boss and a leader. He stressed that a true leader is primarily concerned with the success of the entire organization, while a boss tends to focus more on asserting power and authority.

"If only those in positions of leadership today would prioritize their responsibilities above their quest for power, our country would undoubtedly become a better place," Eburajolo said during his remarks.

His powerful words resonated with the audience and provided a thought-provoking perspective on leadership in Nigeria.

The retirement of Mr. Victor Eburajolo from Kewalram-Chanrai Group marks the end of an era, but his legacy as a leader, mentor, and generous individual will continue to inspire many. His dedication to his family, unwavering commitment to education, and call for responsible leadership have left an indelible mark on those who know him.

As Nigeria progresses, the nation would do well to heed Eburajolo's words and strive for a generation of leaders who prioritize their responsibilities and strive to uplift the entire community.

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