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Sun, Aug 6, 2023 7:15 PM

Udengs Eradiri Urges Bayelsa Youths to Rise Up and Vote for a New Order

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Udengs Eradiri Urges Bayelsa Youths to Rise Up and Vote for a New Order
Udengs Eradiri, the Bayelsa State Labour Party (LP) governorship candidate, is urging the common people, especially the youths, to rise up and vote for a new order in a bid to save Bayelsa. He believes that the state's coastal communities and ocean cities hold the key to unlocking its resource potential and birthing a new Bayelsa. With his People, Education, Agriculture, and Power (PEAP) agenda, Eradiri aims to address the developmental challenges the state faces, including healthcare, education, power, and agriculture. He emphasizes the need for skills development, upgrading educational facilities, and promoting self-sufficiency in food production. Eradiri also highlights the importance of utilizing the gas in Odioma to provide 24-hour electricity and power an industrial area, while emphasizing the significance of strong leadership in achieving these goals.

Udengs Eradiri, the Bayelsa State Labour Party (LP) governorship candidate for the upcoming November 11th election, is rallying the common people of Bayelsa, especially the youth, to rise up and vote for a new order in order to save the state from its current plight. He believes that with courage, determination, dedication, and a shared desire to protect their future, the youth of Bayelsa can turn around the fortunes of the state.

During a town hall meeting in Odioma, Brass local government, the home of his running mate, Eradiri lamented the failure of the old order to effectively harness the economic comparative advantages of Bayelsa State and drive its development. He asserted that coastal communities and ocean cities such as Odioma hold the key to unlocking the state's resource potential and stimulating a new era of growth.

Eradiri presented his People, Education, Agriculture, and Power (PEAP) agenda as a carefully crafted plan to address the pressing developmental challenges faced by Bayelsa State. He underscored the urgency of improving healthcare infrastructure, resolving the scarcity of teachers in schools, tackling the prevalent security issues, and ensuring access to clean drinking water in Yenagoa.

Highlighting the need for strong leadership and visionary governance, Eradiri emphasized the significance of providing 24-hour electricity in Bayelsa. He pointed out that the gas reserves in Odioma alone are sufficient to power a turbine capable of providing electricity to all communities in the state.

Furthermore, Eradiri stressed the importance of skills development and the need to upgrade educational facilities to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving world. He proposed introducing data technology education to equip Bayelsa's youth with the skills necessary to thrive in the digital age.

Eradiri also outlined his vision for transforming Bayelsa's economy through agriculture. He expressed the determination to achieve self-sufficiency in food production, emphasizing the abundance of resources such as sugarcane in Bayelsa. Eradiri envisioned producing sugar and other agricultural products locally, which would contribute to the economic growth of the state.

To facilitate the growth of Bayelsa's agricultural sector, Eradiri proposed starting the Otuokpoti rice project, leveraging the expertise of local rice growers. He also expressed the intention to reactivate moribund companies and utilize the gas reserves in Odioma to create an industrial area that would attract investment and create employment opportunities.

Eradiri highlighted the potential of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) as a clean and cost-effective alternative to traditional fuel. He envisioned establishing CNG plants and converting boats to use CNG, leading to a reduction in transportation costs and environmental pollution.

Overall, Udengs Eradiri exuded confidence in his ability to lead Bayelsa State towards a brighter future. He called upon the youth to actively participate in this transformative process and lend their support to the new Bayelsa he envisions.

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