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Tue, Aug 29, 2023 3:10 PM

The Challenges and Opportunities of Vehicle Electrification in Africa

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The Challenges and Opportunities of Vehicle Electrification in Africa
As the world moves towards full vehicle electrification, Nigeria faces challenges in transitioning due to factors such as insecurity and lack of government policies. Amit Sharma, General Manager of Stallion Motors, discussed the importance of political will, legislative environment, and charging infrastructure development. He also highlighted the range anxiety and distance challenges specific to Africa. However, Sharma emphasized Nissan's E-POWER as a game-changer in addressing these concerns and providing innovative mobility solutions for Nigerians.
<p>LAGOS - As the world is moving towards full vehicle electrification, it may be difficult for some countries in Africa to migrate immediately, Mr. Amit Sharma, General Manager, Stallion Motors (Nigeria) Ltd has said.</p><p>Speaking at the annual training capacity building of Nigeria Auto Journalists Association (NAJA), held in Lagos over the weekend, Sharma mentioned insecurity or lack of policy by the governments as some of the reasons.</p><p>Sharma explained that for vehicle electrification to fully take effect on the continent, there must be political will by the government through a good legislative environment, which would incentivize the move to new technologies.</p><p>He added that the government also needed to protect the investment of the importing companies, while there should also be a roadmap for the development of the charging infrastructure.</p><p>According to Sharma, Nissan was already addressing some of the challenges facing the continent with designing vehicles like the Nissan Navara.</p><p>He explained that the Electronic Vehicle (EV) policies governed everything from the duties and tariffs payable, including the establishment of charging infrastructure in urban planning.</p><p>He declared that without this infrastructure, it was expensive to import EVs, lamenting that presently, it is difficult to find charging points for them in public and commercial areas when the power supply from the national grid was secure and consistent.</p><p>Another challenge according to him included the longer distances within the continent..</p><p>"Range anxiety or the amount of power you have in your battery, just like your mobile phone or your laptop, is a major concern, which is even worse when there is not an infrastructure of charging stations that you can rely on. This is where Nissan's E-POWER is such a game changer.</p><p>"The E-POWER is not a hybrid engine, but an electric engine, where the electricity is generated by a smaller internal combustion engine.</p><p>"It's the best of both worlds. It does away with range anxiety but introduces all the benefits of electrification, like the incredible torque and performance that we have been witnessing, especially on the Formula E circuit.</p><p>Sharma insisted that vehicle electrification was the future of mobility in the world, stressing that E-POWER provides the automobile industry with an incredible solution in a continent, which had the challenges the continent is presently being confronted with.</p><p>He emphasized further that the management at Nissan Nigeria was looking forward to the creation of a legislative environment that would put safe and innovative mobility solutions within reach of all Nigerians.</p><p>"It's something that we at Nissan look forward to working with you, with the government and the entire country to achieve," he added.</p>

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