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Tue, Sep 5, 2023 8:20 PM

NLC Warning Strike in Benue State: A Peaceful Protest with Full Compliance

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NLC Warning Strike in Benue State: A Peaceful Protest with Full Compliance
The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) embarked on a warning strike in Benue state, which saw full compliance from all affiliates. Banks, schools, offices, and various other establishments affiliated with the NLC remained closed. The strike, aimed at protesting the removal of fuel subsidies, was supported by labor leaders who emphasized the need for everyone to participate. While the Trade Union Congress (TUC) did not join the strike, NLC members highlighted the significance of everyone's involvement in the struggle against the adverse effects of the subsidy removal. They urged the government to focus on fixing oil refineries to reduce fuel prices instead of relying on short-term palliatives.

The warning strike organized by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) in Benue state was a peaceful protest that witnessed widespread compliance from all affiliate members. Banks, schools, offices, and other establishments associated with the NLC were effectively shut down as a sign of solidarity.

The capital city of Makurdi, known for its bustling activities, experienced an unusual calmness during the strike. Workers either stayed at home or engaged in personal activities. Terungwa Igbe, the NLC Chairman in Benue state, and Professor Simon Ejembi, Chairman of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) at Joseph Saawuan Tarka University in Makurdi, confirmed that they were closely monitoring the level of compliance.

Highlighting their union's obligation to follow the directives issued by the NLC, Prof. Ejembi emphasized the importance of affiliates like ASUU participating in the strike. "If you are an affiliate of NLC, you cannot say your parents are doing something and you will not do it. So all affiliates of labor should be joining the NLC on the strike," he remarked.

Likewise, Terungwa Igbe stated that the non-participation of the Trade Union Congress (TUC) would not diminish the impact of the NLC strike. He cited the common struggles faced by Nigerians due to the removal of fuel subsidies and urged all citizens, regardless of their union affiliation, to support the cause. Igbe emphasized the negative consequences of high fuel prices on the average Nigerian's purchasing power and urged the government to address the root cause.

"The whole exercise of palliatives is condemnable," declared Igbe. Instead, he urged the government to focus on revamping the country's oil refineries to enable a reduction in fuel prices. Lowering fuel costs, he argued, would benefit all sectors of the economy, including market traders, workers, and consumers.

The warning strike conducted by the NLC in Benue state serves as a strong statement against the removal of fuel subsidies and its far-reaching economic implications. The peaceful nature of the protest and the extensive compliance witnessed among different NLC affiliates demonstrate the unity and resolve of the labor force in Benue to protect the rights and welfare of workers.

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